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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Updated TempleCon Meat Grinder Event Rules and Details

Ok Everyone before I get to the new rules and updates for the Event i am hosting at the Con I'd like to first talk about the Con in general. The club I am in is hosting the Warhammer 40k events at TempleCon this year which entails a 1850 singles tournament on saturday with Nova Open style missions. A doubles Charity tournament with a good raffle going towards a good cause with a ton of drawings including terrain, models and even a nicely painted CSM army! All raffle sales will go towards the Rhode Island Food bank. We are also hosting an Apocolypse 2500 one super heavy tournament at midnight friday night. All finished with a Apoc Game on super bowl sunday. so if you plan on going or live anywhere within 5 hours of Rhode Island you have no excuse, I have a buddy coming from Pennsylvania to play all weekend. I promise you will have one of the best weekends of your life. ITs only just a little over 2 weeks away (Feb 4th-6th) so go register on Templecon.org ...besides its my birthday that weekend, make it awsome and play in the Meat Grinder Mega(ish) Battle.

Anyway here are the rules updates

TempleCon Order vs. Disorder Meat Grinder Event
(All rules are subject to change)
Description: We are going back into the classical Warhammer 40k days of 3rd edition for inspiration with our Meat Grinder Event. This event is based on the 3rd edition Warhammer 40,000 Meat Grinder mission with elements of a Mega Battle mixed in. Basically you can bring a 750 point army of your choosing and join the Side of Order or the side of disorder in order to help claim a carnage filled victory! You can join in the event whenever you please at the start of any turn. Meaning you can leave the table at any point and still come back in to join the fun! Also if your army gets wiped out you get to respawn your ENTIRE ARMY along your side’s table edge, as inspired by the original Meat Grinder mission. To win your side needs to claim the 5 strategic points along the middle of the table but beware of dark beasts and other fowl things that lurk in the terrain along the table in this dark future! Also take advantage of gun emplacements and strategic buildings along the field of Glory! This Event is for gamers of all experience and is the chance for even the player with the fewest models a chance to get on the tabletop and fight against the majority of races we see in the Warhammer 40,000 world. Those that register get an automatic spot in the opening turn. The game will last well into the night. So get your 750 points ready and join us for a 3rd edition mission inspired event infused with all the fun of a big battle for glory, for honor and for fun all around!

• Requirements to Play: Each Person must bring a fully painted army in accordance with Event WYSIWIG rules that is no bigger than 750 Points (May be smaller although).

Force Organization
1. Each Army may consist of at least
-1 HQ, 1 Troop
2. Each Army in ADDITION can take with the required units
- 3 Troops, 1 Elite, 1 Fast Attack, and 1 heavy support choice.
(***No more than 300 points may be spent on any Force Org. Section except for Troops. If a dedicated transport is taken it is to be included in the 300 points for its owner’s points allotment. Each Person attending the event must have a list written out detailing points, it may be hand written. You may also bring more than one list to be used involving different units. You can also bring multiple different armies to play but may only use one list/army at a time. The only restriction is that you have to stay Order or Disorder throughout the game)

• Sides: Sides will be made up by Order Armies vs. Disorder Armies and only the most recent versions of the following codices will be allowed. No fan/ edited codices will be allowed.
1. Order Codices- Codex: Space Marines, Codex: Blood Angels, Codex: Black Templar, Codex: Dark Angels, Codex: Space Wolves, Codex: Tau Empire,
Codex: Witch hunters, Codex: Daemonhunters, Codex: Imperial Guard,
Codex: Eldar
2. Disorder Codices- Codex: Chaos Space Marines, Codex: Orks, Codex: Dark Eldar, Codex: Chaos Daemons, Codex: Tyranids,
Codex: Necrons
• Scenario Special Rules: Infiltrators, Deep striking, Scouts. *Army Respawn
*Army Respawn- If your army is completely destroyed and off the table it respawns as if it were coming out of reserve on your table edge
*NOTE*All deepstrikers come in as soon as the army is deployed, they are deployed after all scouts and infiltrators as well as regular armies are deployed. THERE ARE NO RESERVES IN THIS GAME. You can NOT hold things in reserve, everything must be deployed ASAP.

• Initial Setup: 15x4 foot table (***three 6x4 tables pushed together with some room left at both ends***) the Order Team will deploy in a 1’ deployment zone along one of the 15’ table edges with the disorder team deploying on the opposite side. Each side will deploy one of their player’s armies simultaneously with the opposite sides. Each Person can spend no more than 5 minutes deploying their army or it will have to wait till the next turn to deploy. Repeat till both sides have deployed all armies. There will be 5 Objectives. 1 Directly in the middle of the table with objectives placed every 3’ along the center of the table down both long ways of the table. Then both sides have 5 minutes each to place all of their scouts, deepstrikers, and infiltrators. A roll off will take place to see which side goes first. This 5 minute period will be allowed before each teams turn throughout the game.

• Armies that have been wiped out will redeploy at the start of their teams turn as if they came out of reserve, scout moves, infiltrating, and deepstriking will be allowed by these units but must be done in their teams 5 minute redeployment time before their turn starts. (*** Units that deploy out of reserve but in a special way, such as Ymgarl Genestealers, will instead be deployed as infiltrators or as regular a regular deployment***)

• Any unit may claim an objective, not only troop choices. If an objective is contested whichever team has the most units in claiming range of that particular objective is considered the team that holds the objective. If no team has clear control of an objective that is the only time an objective can be contested. Normal rules for claiming an objective will be in use other than those listed above.
(If no team has clear control over the majority of objectives, then whichever side eliminated the most enemy units, killpoints, is considered the winner of that turn. Each person will have to keep track of the units he has fully lost if this is the case.)
• Each Team will have 7 minutes to move their forces; each person is responsible for his own units but may help a teammate if he is done with his movement. Then each team will have 8 minutes maximum to shoot all of their weapons followed by 10 minutes to do their assaults. If any movement or shooting doesn’t happen in the allotted time then it cannot be done. If an assault is not done and finished in the allotted time then the undone assaults will consider the attacking unit has lost the combat and suffered 6 wounds (saves allowed as normal). (This is to keep the game going.) There will be 5 minute breaks between each turn allowed. Possibly longer depending on scenario. 750 points is not a lot to move shoot and assault, 25 minutes a turn is a lot for that few models. If all the time is not used and the team finished the phase they may use that time in the next phase. This extra time does not carry over turns although!)

• There will be various interactive pieces of terrain (such as weapons emplacements and bunkers, as well as creatures that may attack any player with no regard to of their side!) These will be detailed on the board and explained. (PLEASE SEE New Rules added at the end Detailing 3rd Party units)
• Due to circumstances there will be no drawings or prizes for this event.
(***If sides are not equal an organizer will deploy an extra 750 points till the sides are even, if a player joins he must wait till sides are equal to join in or an organizer will put models in to make up the difference. If a player wishes to join and the table is full he will replace the next person that has his army wiped out, instead of the person’s army who gets eliminated respawning and that person will join the queue to get on the table)
3rd Party Armies and interactive Terrain rules
• Each Piece of area terrain, as well as other sections of the board, will contain unknown cards. When any unit, regardless of side, enters this piece of terrain the card is revealed and any actions, upgrades, or 3rd party units will then appear in this terrain at this time.
• 3rd Party Unit Rules
• All 3rd party Army models will appear within 3 inches of the unit that activated the card towards the direct center of the piece of terrain.
1. There are 4 different 3rd Party units in the game.
-Claimable units- These units will be in the form of a unit that has decided to join your side for the remainder of the battle. You can use this unit as if it were a normal unit in your army although when it is destroyed it cannot be respawn as normal in your army. (ex. An entrenched squad of guardsmen decides to join your cause; a unit x8 normal guardsmen including one model with a flamer and a sergeant with las pistol/CCW join your side)
-Allies- These will come in the form of units friendly to either the Order or Disorder Armies (Which will be shown on the card, Green stickers designate Order allies with Orange Stickers designating Disorder allies). If the allies are aligned with your army they ignore your troops and will scatter 1D6 each movement phase, while still staying within the piece of area terrain or within 6 inches of the piece of static terrain associated, and will rage toards, then shoot and/or assault any opposing unit (as well as assault if possible) within 12 inches of the unit. Now if the activated unit is unaligned with your army they will shoot and assault the unit that activated it (regardless if the unit can shoot and assault with its wargear in that turn). If the 3rd party unit is destroyed in assault then the activating unit may continue as normal in the following phases. Once destroyed these units are discarded. If combat sticks then the assault will be finished in the assault phase as normal, if the 3rd party unit breaks (as will happen mostly) it is discarded from the game and the assaulted unit may consolidate and act as normal in the rest of the turn. If the 3rd party unit wins combat it scatters 1d6, but remains within the piece of terrain spawned in, and will act as normally described above.
-Neutrals- These are deserters or plunderers and will attack any unit that enters their piece of terrain. They are designated by a Yellow sticker on the card. They will act like allies except will attack any unit that enters their terrain or is within the 12 inches they shoot at
-Terrors! Monsters! Fiends!- This unit will appear and will always rage towards then shoot and assault any unit close enough to be attacked. They can leave the piece of area terrain they are spawned in. It is designated by a pink sticker on the card
(Note: If multiple units are within the 12 inch range the unit will attack the closest unit to them)
(Also these cards will spawn in pieces of unoccupied area terrain each turn if the piece of terrain does not already have a card or had a card and was activated.
(All 3rd party units that are not claimable units cannot claim or contest objectives.)

Interactive Terrain Weapons/Upgrades

• There will be 3 “Flak guns” located around the battlefield. A Flak gun counts as two twin-linked Autocannons.
-Only infantry models can declare to use these weapons and must be within 2 inches of the Gun after their movement phase. Once a Unit declares they are using the gun they nominate 2 models to sacrifice their shooting and assault phase to use the gun. Move the models into base-to-base with the gun and use it as a normal weapon. The unit can use the flak gun in as many shooting phases as they can hold it but may not move or assault in any following turns used. A unit can be assaulted off of a gun by an opposing unit.
• As well as the 3rd party army cards located around terrain on the table there will be cards giving upgrades to any unit in that piece of terrain for that turn only. These upgrades will be detailed on the card but can include the following examples (3+ cover upgrade, rerolls to hit, as well as numerous other upgrades).
• There will also be other cards that can be negative to a unit in it with such examples as making the terrain dangerous terrain as well as explosives and traps! These will be detailed on the cards.
(***Cards will be randomly placed along with the 3rd party army cards in terrain. They will be identical and completely randomly placed. They will not be in every piece of terrain and will spawn after every turn. A card can be very beneficial to your army and even supplement it as well as can hurt you. This adds another fun element to the game.***)

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