Feast of Blades '13

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anyone know anything on the Conflict GT? Bloggers WANTED!.... and other news....

Hey all normally I do not seak information on the blog, I will probably have an article up later tonight if not tommorrow morning. I am looking for info on the Conflict GT at the Palisades Mall in New York state this january. There website lacks info on how much it will cost and I am trying to plan out my 40k finances for this winter. Also if anyone is going to be at that GT let everyone know in the comments. Also any feedback from previous years would be cool as well. I had a decent experience at my last GT at the Colonial but it ended with a sour note with a tournament orgaizer getting pretty pissed off at the overall event organizer and taking it out on my friend and I when we asked how we could do better with our presentation (not painting) scores....I don't want any more A-H organizers taking out frustration on me when I am spending a lot of money for an event and a good time. I've heard good things about the Conflict and would like to know more on usual attendees and who runs it. I've been to the location it is at quite a bit and love the place....

In other news I am revitalizing the blog, anyone interested in submitting some freelance work or even come on as an official guest writer let me know in the comments as I am always looking for content. Also since there was a large gap of time where I lost a lot of readers from my lack of posting I need to get the word out that I am back into the writing game so any blog plugs, or blogroll adds will be appreciated and I will do the same back happily. Thanks everyone for reading. I hope to soon hold contests for some models or prizes soon enough if subscriptions reach certain levels or I get a good constant reading basis like I had a year ago. So please everyone throw me some thoughts and ideas and I will be happy to include you. I am gonna redo a majority of the layout and images since recent additions...also I am pretty sure my blog art violates someones copyright....look for that soon... Thanks!


  1. Just the basic info up on the blog for the moment, more to come in a bit as there was an email sent out a few weeks ago.

    From our club- Battle for Salvation, myself, Jawaballs and Black Matt are going so far...

    Was a great tournament last year and the location is great for food and hanging out.

  2. I have to say that Aaron Fishcow (the TO) is a really cool guy, and I'll probably be going this year along with a large group of fantasy players. That said, last year's terrain sucked and the comp system was weird. I hope it is much improved this year.

  3. Hey guys,

    This is the Overall TO for the Colonial, and I am sorry for the very late response. A friend of mine pointed out this blog so I can respond. Not sure who the person is that was supposedly "jipped" out of something, but this situation was not brought to my attention during the event. I apologize for any misgivings that this created.

    I am happy to announce that Mike Diccio, formally the manager at GW in Voorhees will be running the 40k side of the 2012 Colonial GT. He is a well-respected GT gamer and individual in our community, and I am sure that he will bring a high level of competence and gaming awareness that is expected out of any quality GT Judge or TO.

    I am also working on a new location for the Colonial to be able to bring down the price, as well as ensure that the prizes are the same level as they were last year. Please be patient as the site is being worked on, a couple of bugs came up, but we are working those out. Make sure that you all pay attention to the Qualifiers that I am running for the Colonial, as you will have the chance to earn free tickets to the 2012 Colonial GT!