Feast of Blades '13

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The New Competitive Necron Tournament List

Here is my personal flavor of the new Necron GT List.....comments to follow

"Canoptek Crusher" List

Total 1849


1. Imhotek- 225
2. Destroyer Lord, mindshackle scarabs- 145


1. Immortals x6- 102
2. Immortals x6- 102
3. Immortals x5, tesla carbines- 85
4. Immortals x5, tesla carbines- 85


1. C’Tan Shard, Writhing Worldscape, Lord of Fire- 220

Fast Attack

1. X10 Canoptek Scarab bases- 150
2. X10 Canoptek Scarab bases- 150
3. X6 Canoptek Wraiths, x6 particle casters, x6 whip coils- 305

Heavy Support

1. X2 Canoptek Spyders, x1 gloom prism, x1 tl particle beamers- 140
2. X2 Canoptek Spyders, x1 gloom prism, x1 tl particle beamers- 140

Alright so we have a very simple concept army that does what almost all competitive lists currently do...which is only one thing and very well....The concept is Imhotek keeps the darkness up while scarabs jump forward, start to eat tanks in a multi assault while the spyders feed them more bases...Once in range, and out of night fighting, the Immortals easily punk the then very low armor value targets in front of them. Then the Wraiths with the Destroyer Lord sweep forward and clean up abusing the fact they go at higher initiative than everything from the whips......very simple, clean and efficient. The Spyders also offer some fire support and psychic defence... Only 2 sets of Spyders due to only haveing two sets of scarabs.....Destroyer lord is just there to boost the wraith squad and nothign more...easily instead could be substituted from some rez orb lords or crypteks to be more efficient....The C'Tan is just there to hopefully punk some flame weapons before they kill all of the scarabs and writihing worldscape can discourage castleing armies as well as those looking for the benefit of cover....He also can easily be replaced in the list for it to be more efficient

This is just the 1850 version....and you can expect to see a few lists similar to this for atleast the rest of 5th edition on the GT circuit.....Ways to defeat it? IF you can sweep the scarabs there is little this list can do and relies on them.....the spyders just have to be ignored, avoid combat with anything against the wraiths as they can even steal the lunch money of death cultists....I am not a huge fan of Imhotek because of his points cost I just need his ability to enact night fighting....his other abilities are good although...I am more of a fan of Trazyn myself but this list is designed to win gamesand can be boring......Once the scarabs are gone the spyders are pointless and just assault the immortals to easily get rid of them.....So find a way to kill a 30 wound unit under the cover of night fighting and being very low to table easily getting cover and this list can go down....more on this later.....

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