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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Lovely, Beautiful Dark Eldar Army up for Sale 42% off!

Ok guys, rent is coming up and having to decide between the new 40k rulebook or utilities is a hard decision. So I'm gonna list a ton of stuff that I am willing to sell.

First up is my Dark Eldar Army: Painted to a good tabletop quality. Included is

20x warriors/trueborn, including two dark lances, two blasters, and two sarge models with blast pistols and agonizers.
18x Wyches/bloodbrides, including 3 sets of hydra gauntlets, 1 shardnet/impaler.
4x Raiders with dark lances
2x ravagers
1x Ravenwing jetfighter (unpainted)
6x reaver jetbikes, two of them have the heat lances and two with cluster caltrops( three unpainted, 3 fully painted)
2x haemonculi
10x hellions (one painted in a red baron fashion to be barion sathonyx)
5x scourges, one with a haywire blaster and one with a heat lance, sarge model done up as well. (unpainted)

All in all a fairly big army, full 2500+ points atleast. retail is $602. I am willing to sell this for $350+shipping but am taking offers. That is about a 42% discount on an entire army, and a nice looking one too. Not even the warstore offers that great a deal, and they do a great service to us gamers.

So Almost all painted, except for a few things and they arent even primed yet and I listed them. Nice black with enchanted blue and ice blue highlights, red accents everywhere with a little bone and grey throughout. A real cool and smooth look. Bases are fully done.

Here is a picture of an example of some painted, It is the same models as this post back in the day

Contact me here in the comments section below and we can work something out or if you would like to see some pictures. Pictures are not working for my blog right now so sorry guys... or email me at kbm083 at jwu dot edu (spam bot safe)

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