Feast of Blades '13

Monday, August 27, 2012

1500 Point League Space Marine Force

Hey all, just mulling through my options for the 40k league about to start in my FLGS. Sounds like a lot of fun and weekly games of 1500 point 40k 6th is right down my alley. Also since I highly doubt Chaos Space Marines or Dark Angels will be out or allowed by the time the Battle For Salvation happens so I plan on playing Normal Marines with Dark Angel allies, just for Ezekiel, like I have been until October. I am getting a limited edition box set as well as another set of dark angels from another box to fill out that army for when their book drop. So lets go over what I plan on bringing at 1500

1. Space Marine Captain on bike, artificer armor, powerfist
- Command Squad on bikes, 3x lightning claws/ storm shields, apoth., 1x TH/SS, meltagun, melta bombs

1. Tactical squad x5, BP/CS, Heavy Bolter Razorback
2. Tactical Squad x10, BP/CS, plasma gun, plasma cannon, Heavy Bolter Razorback

1. Sternguard x7, x2 plasma guns, powerfist/combi plasma, drop pod

Fast Attack
1. Storm Talon, Skyhammer ML
2. Attack Bike, MM
3. Attack Bike, MM

Heavy Support
1. Thunderfire Cannon

So the biker command squad has done me only wonders in this edition. They almost always get their FNP rolls as well as the fact that the captain cannot be insta-gibbed by a missile launcher or lascannon anymore. They are a lot more survivable and the 2+ save captain in the front soaking wounds until he passes them off. MM attack bikes also cannot be insta-gibbed anymore and without many vehicles being played the few MM and all the plasma tends to do fine against vehicles. I have actually found the Storm Talon a decent choice since only about half the lists I see have either flyer's or anti flyer's so it tends to work out fine. pod sternguard are excellent and thunderfire cannons have been excellent. So an excellent list from all of my experience with its components, I would like to add in some dark angel librarians, like Ezekiel, for divination especially for my BFS list as well as more sternguard or some heavy choices. So more on this later


  1. Seems solid, looking forward to our game this week.

  2. Would like to join the league, but games on Sunday doesnt work well as I work Sundays :(

  3. its not games on sundays its games anyday of the week

  4. Thats not what their face book page says. They say it begins on a Sunday and league days are Sundays there after. You better double check that.

  5. Battle for salvation is having a practice tournament on the 15th in white plains if your interested.

  6. No specific time yet but it's September 15th at comic book heaven , 200 hamilton avenue white plains NY 10601.
    $20 entry
    1999 + 1 (1 foc)
    Allies legal
    No fortress, or skyshield landing pad
    Models must be wysiwyg
    No painting requirement

  7. No painting? Ugh, so how do you tell the grey marines fron the grey allied dark angels etc.? Ran into this problem last tournie, if allies are in painting is now a must IMHO

  8. It's a practice tourney not the gt. you MUST have a fully painted army for that

  9. Thats a bit better, but they are still charging 20 bucks for this "practice". I still would require minimum painting if your taking peoples money, fair is fair.

  10. I assume Bobby isnt running this right its just the comic book heaven guys?

  11. no bobbys running it. Its a BFS club event