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Friday, August 20, 2010

New England Gaming Club Cup!

Ok Guys our group got it finalized, we will be hosting the First New England Gaming Cup at TempleCon next Febuary! Basicly it will be like the Adepticon Team Event in style. This is Open for Clubs anywhere, so not just New England. Read my post about TempleCon to get more on the Place and the rest of the events we are hosting that weekend. So get your club there (preferably in identical jerseys or T-shirts of some sort, most clubs have them anyway). We need atleast 4 Clubs to sign up for it to happen and We already have 3 so sign up as we will only have room for about 8 clubs I believe (as of now if my math and understanding is correct). Our club is getting our team together by hosting a tournament for club members only. Top 4 are on our A-Team.

Ok so here are the details I have now. Each Club will have to bring thier all star team of 4 Players. Players must be registered with TempleCon and sign up for the event, since our event will be there. Read my post about TempleCon, it is gonna be an awsome weekend with many other 40k events as well. Adepticon style rules as well. INAT is gonna be used as of now (ugh I know, id rather write my own but im not in charge...it is adepticon in style.)

Come back for more details. I'll let them all out when I get them all.

Can you defeat the best Our Rhode Island team has to offer?

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