Feast of Blades '13

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dice Devils "Blast From the Past 1750 Point Tournament Next Sunday and Your invited!

...Well of course anyones invited, who doesnt like big tournaments?

Anyway next Sunday (September 26th) is The Dice Devil's First Tournament. It will be a Blast from the Past 1750 Point Tournament filled with 3rd edition missions that have been modified for 5th Edition (There will be a missions packet out this week I'll get you guys. WYSIWIG is mandatory but 3 exceptions will be allowed for this tournament but no future ones. (We are pretty strict on Painting and WYSIWIG) No proxies are allowed but conversions that have correct wargear and such are encouraged. This will all take Place at Veterans Gaming in Warwick, RI. It will cost 15$ per person (good loot I promise). Anyone with any club affiliation and wears thier clubs T-shirt will only be charged 12$ (We like to challenge other clubs). All proceeds from this event will be used to help fund our TempleCon events. (as well as fill the winning players pockets with goodies) Or Club Head, Terra (aka Melon Head), will be running the event. I will be playing in it and I hope to continue my being undefeated in Rhode Island Streak (but I doubt I will) Expect my 1750 point Chaos List (mabye modified with some recent loot!)

Dice start rolling starts at noon, and heads start rolling then too!

Hope to see everyone comeout for this fun event, For great loot and glory!


  1. cool wish I could go.Maybe next one.If they run a 2K tournament or a doubles tournament Ill defently go

  2. doubles tournie is quite possible, maybe around march. The store might be holding their own doubles tournie in October....we will post here if they do. 2000 point tournie would be fun...and a bit long....will ask the club what they think about a larger scale tournie....hell maybe even our own version of 'Ard Boyz and go 2500...lol

  3. oops....why did I type March???? WTF, I meant November....dam I'm getting old and senile...lol

  4. Veterans is running a doubles tournie in November, so the OSDD will not....same location, when we get the details we will post it up.