Feast of Blades '13

Friday, September 24, 2010

Events at TempleCon in Support of "Save the Tata's"

Hey all I just wanted to throw out that our Friday events at TempleCon will be donating any funds they raise to "Save the Tata's" for breast cancer. I know that the Doubles Tournament will be accepting donations to the foundation and there will be some people selling T-shirts and such. So come and wear some pink to help support the fight against breast cancer! So come play in the "Save the Tata's" Benificiary Doubles Tournament for loot, Glory, and a Good Cause.

In a way to help support such a good cause, as I have had family members with this type of cancer, during the Meat Grinder event I am running I will be selling tokens for a single "reroll to hit" for 1$ each or a [Edited] "reroll anything!" for 5$. You can buy as many as you want and can use them during the Meat Grinder event. Just declare you are using one of your tokens and present it to me when you want to use it. All money collected will be donated to "Save the Tata's".
The Doubles Tournament will be from 10am till 6:45pm (with a lunch break) and the Meat Grinder will start after the dinner break at 8pm. Bring your pink or just ruin some socks for the occaision!
We hope to make a big contribution to help fight cancer. This is just my way to help, thanks Charlie for the token idea. Hope to see you there!

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