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Monday, September 27, 2010

OSDD Tournament BatRep: Khorne Blitz vs Footdar

Ok I'll post the other two battles in a future post but here is Round one of The "Blast from the Past" Tournament. The game was everyone's favorite classic 40k mission, A Cleanse Mission.

Cleanse was the primary mission back in 3rd edition. It was all I use to play back in those old days of preteenhammer. There was a BatRep in the front of the 3rd edition codex using this mission. I was excited to get to play it again. So if you do not know what a cleanse mission is it is basicly table quarters. One guy would set up in a corner and the other would set up in the opposite but atleast 18 inches away (So a little different than spearhead but along the same lines). You had to get a scoring troops choice in a corner to claim it and couldn't have any enemy units in that corner as well. To get a massacre you would need to wipe out your opponent. The bonus could be obtained only if you held all 4 corners. These both would prove to be very difficult. All bonus's and massacres were near impossible as no one the entire tournament would obtain either.

The game started out with me winning the dice roll to go first. I deployed my oblits on a building in my corner and all my transports squezzed up as far forward into the center as possible. My defiler was back a little bit near the building. My Prince hid behind my transports. My Opponent, Jamie, deployed a big unit of guardians and a scatter laser inside of a building. He had some scorpions in a serpent behind the building. 2wraithlords next to the building with his dire avengers. On the far side he had a big unit of scoring wraithguard with an attached Eldrad and the dire avengers pheonix lord.

Turn one I ran everything up and just was out of PC range with my oblits (mistake!). My stuff moved forward and put some wounds on the wraithguard. He popped off some shots and took out a rhino followed by dropping a few zerkers but did little other than take a TL Lascannon off my Raider.I also dropped off my zerkers with my army moving around to pincer his clustered formation. My BC from my Defiler put a nice sized hole in the Guard as well. This would be a mistake since I dropped out my zerkers and they would have been in assault range. I took out so many guard that it knocked me out of assault range.

Turn 2 He ended up shooting up all but 3 raider zerkers I believe. I battlecannoned the unit inside of the building pinning them. I lascannoned a Wriathlord to death as well. Some assaults but I did little. My zerkers were dropping like flies. I got my prince and such into assault with the big Guard squad and got stuck there for awhile. He blade stormed my units nearly wiping out my zerkers in this corner. I ended up sticking with only my prince left against a pheonix lord and Eldrad.

Turn 3 had my daemons come down and claim some corners. I put my Raiders zerkers back inside thier raider and zoomed them over to contest my left table edge corner as well as take out the remaining units over there. My rhino zoomed over to contest his corner. I also took out the remaining wraithlord with lascannons (LC's just tear these things down very easily). I also battlecannoned the guardians again. He would have to destroy 3 units with his 3 remaining units and would fail. I win the game (after only 3 turns) 1 to nothing.

The game was short due to us starting late and he was a slow player. He had to check every rule and stat line for his guys. He was an ok player but he was nervous and had the first tournament shakes (everyone gets them). The only issue I had was he tried to pull a dick move by saying my raider couldnt shoot one of its lascannons without clipping the hull when I had a clear shot on the wraithlord. I showed him the line but he still tried to pull it. I had to have judge come over before he let me shoot and kill his lord. I generally try and mimic my opponents attitude in the game. If he is nice and relaxed I will be in turn, if hes a dick I respond the
same way. It was a good solid victory in the first round.

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