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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dark Eldar: GW's Best Deal in Years? The Best Start Up Army in Total Cost?!?!?

Are Dark Eldar a step in the right direction for GW? As GW prices for models increase we see less people in the hobby yet with the new DE release I am starting to see prices for GW that seem dirt cheap. Some boxes that look like they'd cost 35 dollars are coming in at $24.75 USD. These new kits are beautiful and we are gonna get them for less than it seems they would cost. So I'll go through the startup models and how much they cost in US Dollars to compare how much it would cost to startup an army in 40k through a few of the books. This will be based on models solely and not on paint or codex cost and this dex comes in at a not too shabby 29$. So first are the flagship army of GW... (All armies will be considered with 1 HQ, 2 Troops, 2 transports for the troops and one other slot choice for some flavor...with a realistic list for this small of an army, also note that points cost will not be factored in with the lack of a DE codex). Also a different mix of models may lay down cost but you might not start a competitive build at a different start up list....

Space Marine Startup Models


1.Space Marine Captain


1. Tactical Marines x10


2. Tactical Marines x5



1.Terminators x5

Total Cost- $175.75

Now with a battle force or Black Reach you would not get quite this model set at a fraction of the price yet with the lack of battle forces all around this is based off of staright box cost. With a mix in with the battle force this list will cost about one and a half with a few more models.... Marines can still be the best deal bc of GW boxing shenanigans yet the real cost of an army this day is your vehicles. With Rb's at $35 and Tacticals at $37.50 you are not getting the deals you need. As always your best off getting Black Reach a couple of Battle Forces then your vehicles to max out the best value of an army. As a follow up Blood Angel and Space Wolf models for thier ranges are fiarly expensive and will run up your cost more....

Tyranid Startup Models




1.x12 Termigaunts

2. x8 Genestealers


1.Hive Gaurd x2

Heavy support

1. Trygon

Total Cost- $193.75

Now I added a heavy with the lack of transports. Yet again Battle forces are the cheap way to go and actually have models you'd want to use. Yet even with a Battle force and a tyrant your still running at 150 with a lot more to go....

Chaos Space Marines Startup Models


1. Daemon Prince


1.x5 Plague Marines


2. x12 Khorne Berserkers


Heavy Support

1. x1 Obliterator

Total Cost- 187.50

Now CSM can go both ways. Besides the basic CSM's only the berserkers are a plastic troop kit, and you do get a decent value out of the box at $33 for 12 models. Plague Marines are your weigh down as an expensive metal kit. A rhino is a rhino and a new prince kit does offer some flavor. Oblits are one of the most expensive blisters at $22.50 a piece when you want 6-9 when this army is done...ehhh I did fine with a Khorne berserker army....

Orks Startup Models


1. Warboss


1.x10 Boyz


2.x 10 boyz



1. x5 lootas

Total Cost- $160.25

Yet again another example of an army you could make with Black Reach and Battleforce models. Yet with the ammount of models you'd eventually need to buy (as in another 60 boyz at $24.75 a piece). A good deal with the ammount of Black Reach models out there but still, a lot of models will be built up that you don't need with a lack of transports and elite models to make the list good.....another Space Marine style of a buy.....

Dark Eldar Startup Models




1.Kalabite Warriors x10


2.Wyches x10


Fast Attack

1.Helions x5

Total Cost- $155.25

With $24.75 troops including every upgrade and all the heavy/special weapons you need and $33 transports your getting the best deal (in my opinion) yet with the DE. Hellions also coming in at $24.75 as well as many other relatively good bang for your buck models makes this everyones new favorite model range to buy. this is also a workable army compared to the other armies... My only gripe is an expensive Ravanger model at a (yikes!) price tag of 49.50 so I might just ebay some old ones now or convert a raider or 2... Yet all in all I have one thought... thank you GW, thank you.... you found a soul....

With new models and all the upgrades needed each sprue of these jaw dropping models gives you hundreds of pieces. Mixed with the sexy new models for a steal of a price this is the new range to buy if you want a nice looking army. Hopefully all GW releases in the future will be similar in quality/quantity/price. Now if its as competitve as people think it will be we are looking at everyones new favorite army...

Definantly more on this later


  1. Points costs aren't equal across your example armies. I can tell you that the tacs in a rhino will cost as much as the warriors & warriors+raider, the other tac squad beats the wyches+raider, captain is more than the hellions. Even with crazy upgrades, the marines come in over 100pts ahead.

    Yes the models are well priced for the number and quality. However, they are pretty appropriate based on points value.

    Conversely, think of all the dakka you can bring in a DE force at equal points!

  2. @Jon I clearly stats in the article that I was not counting points at all for this article but mearely trying to point out the actual monitery cost of having a playable army.

    what the actual points you can play is another thing