Feast of Blades '13

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eldar "Harlequin" Startup List

Now Ive had human based armies my entire life, after chaos was finished I told myself the next army I bought would be an xeno army. As soon as I get my oblits from the guy Ive been waiting on trading with I will not add anything to my Chaos army minus the lesser daemons I just got as loot but have yet to build half of them.

Now I do have some Tau models I inhereted from another who quit the game, but i hate tau with a passion... Nids? nah too much assault since the last army I did focused only on assault. Crons are too bad in my oppinion and Orks fall under the same blanket as Nids. SO I basicly decided on Eldar awhile back...

Yet with Dark Eldar just on the horizon I took a step back, which army would I like to run? Now Eldar are a little outdated and less competitive, DE were but in a month or so they will be a top tier codex most likely. They also can take my favorite unit in the Eldar 'dex which are Harlequins. So I am really stuck between the two. I am gonna build this army slowly from collected loot and such so I am in no rush to buy models. I am going to wait till the DE codex drops and I cans ee what I can run and what it will cost to get a playable army before I decide. I usually don't like playing new codices because of the fact its like jumping on a bandwagon or a cool new fad, look how nids faded as well....

So in the meantime I convinced myself an Eldar "Harlequin" List based off the Fritz40k army was the coolest type of Eldar army (ugh I am too into gimic armies, another thing I told myself I wouldnt do, another gimic). If I decide to go down the Eldar path Ill start out with this Harlequins List and when thier new future distant dex drops Ill add on to it and make a regular Eldar force based off the 5th (or 6th) edition book.....So here is what I decided Im gonna grab before I play with them...probably in a Newport Hobby small point tournament.....

Eldar Harlequin list

First Tier - 998 points


1. Eldrad -210


1. Pathfinders x5 -120
2. Pathfinders x5 -120
3. Pathfinders x5 -120


1. Harlequin Troupe x8 , x2 fusion pistol, x4 Kisses, Troupe Master, shadow seer, death jester -258

Heavy Support

1. Wraithlord, TL Bright Lance - 170

So hopefully more on this in the future, If anyone plays a Harle list please feel free to dish out some crit on this list, I am not an Eldar player...yet....More on this later


  1. Death Jester gets style points, but do you see a situation where you won't be running?

  2. Drop one unit of path finders, take another wraith lord with EMl and brightlance, change the config of the current wraithlord to the same as the one ive mentioned, and you may find yourself about 15pts over, in which case drop the death jester or troupe master :)

  3. I totally agree with Killswitch, but I say at least keep the Death Jester - he's actually pretty good at tackling light transports.

  4. footdar is bad do 50/50 mech it will work better

  5. andrew arent u a fritz apostle and your dissing his list? tisk tisk (ps Im waiting for the new edition to get mechanized)

  6. I am a disciple of no one lolz

  7. Keep the jester, they are great at popping rhinos and put the hurt on monstrous creatures to boot. Also I agree with a second wraithlord. Forget twin linked Brightlance, it is not worth it. EML/Lance combo is more useful in all applications. You might even throw the sword in there if you think you are going to get into close combat a lot with it. And if you do, I recommend 2 flamers.