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Friday, October 29, 2010

New England Gameing Clubs Cup at TempleCon 2011

So I ended up beating a very good opponent in the last 2 games of a 3 game series to win it out and make the OSDD team for the New England Gaming Clubs Cup (NEGCC) at TempleCon 2011 on Febuary 4-6....

So don't know what the Cup is? Well it is basicly an event being held at TempleCon in febuary that is putting the clubs of the region, and everywhere for that matter, to the challenge of coming and playing in an ETC style event to find out what club is the best in the region. It is basicly the European Team Championships in a club level. Same rules and same missions at 1750 points with teams of 4. Each person has a completely different army than the other so no duplicating of codices. Clubs get set up, teams put forward thier players to get matched up by the teams themselves to play against each other. The club with the most points wins.

How do you get involved? If you have a club with atleast 4 members able to play and wish to play sign up for TempleCon and register your team for the NEGCC which will be played starting saturday morning at 8. Dice start rolling at 9. It is also the day of the 1750 singles tournament.

So get your clubs team together and come up to Warwick, RI for TempleCon, just search my blogs archive for TempleCon for more on TempleCon as a whole. It is a weekend of craziness and minitures gaming. Besides the Ocean State Dice Devils other teams that have verbally committed to playing are Southern New England Gamers and Battle For Salvation as well as a few others. We still have slots uncommitted too and we have around 100 days till the event. So get your club's team together and get to TempleCon. It will be a blast I guarentee

more on this later....

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