Feast of Blades '13

Friday, November 5, 2010

Space Marine Defensive List (Bolstered Snipers Spam)

So today I’d like to talk about a different style of 40k we aren’t use to in today’s mech. An element always underestimated and that is the static element. Another good fit seen in the codex that is also under used is the combination of Bolster defenses and camo cloaked scouts spammed out. This army may not be the most effective yet it will do for you what you need it to do and could possibly be good against DE. So here is the list…

Total -1996/2000
· Lysander
· 2x 10 scouts with snipers and camo cloaks
· 2x 5 scouts with snipers and camo cloaks
· Terminators x10 with x2 cyclone launchers and a chainfist
· 2x Dreads with TL Lascannon, HF and DCCA –
Heavy Support
· Thunderfire Cannon
· 2x devastator squads + 3 marines with x2 Lascannons and x2 ML’s

For one thing thunderfire cannons are very under used in the USA despite their European popularity. You also get a techmarine with bolster defenses. Also You might notice Lysander and 10 normal termies. I like this combo because it gives bolter drill an actual use (I don’t have him for that reason which would just be plain silly) but they make a good counter assault element against armies rushing you which should happen. Lysander also gives you bolster defenses again. This gives you two pieces of terrain with +1 to cover. This combined with camo cloaks gives the scouts 2+ cover saves. 2+ save scouts with snipers spammed out is kind of scary if you have never faced it. Also the devastators and TFC get a 3+ save. You combat squad the termies to make use of their krak missiles. And use the dreads as fire support until the enemy gets close then rush them up as a flamer/combat support buffer. In total you have 41 models with 2+ saves, 7 anti-mech capable shooting units. 11 terminators and a lot of fire support. Also the scouts can pin enemies.

So basicly what you do is you fortify two pieces of terrain with open fields of fire in front of them with a devastator squad and 10 man scout team in each. Lysander with the termies are between the two pieces of terrain. Dreads are guarding the flanks. The thunderfire takes up a position in the safest of the two terrain pieces. You take the two 5 man scout squads and either spread them out where they won’t attract attention but can annoy your enemy such as from tall buildings and such. If you have a 3rd objective they can sit on that as well. All this as well as camp them on your two castled pieces of terrain. With the amount of anti-mech armies out there this army will take them by surprise. Lascannon spam will just be silly against this army. Expect a lot of weird looks running this but your opponent will understand why after you beat his face in…..

….more on this later ....
(FYI from now on I awsner comments in the article)
Well yes Lysander being open to being shot up is a valid point, I was toying with the idea of a lisdt like this a couple weeks ago with some people in my club. So yeah I was looking for comments or improvements yet I still dont run any of the lists I post up here unless I specifically say I do....to much time on DE now lol. ummm yeah some valid points made sry to flip out it was the cute comment. =]


  1. I am working on something like this. There is anti-horde out there and anti-mech, but this is neither of those. I call it footmar. Not big enough to be a horde, definitely not another mech list, but multiple, survivable models that can (and should) engage at long range.

  2. ya I suprised people havent doe this b4 razor spam cant beat hordes...cant be dont straight up,Seriously.

    But the reason people are turned off to hordes is because it takes a while to move them and with a time limit in tournaments it really hurts.

    But there a ways to do movement http://www.gf9.com/store/images/04125_25mm_Round_450.JPG

    since fritz hasnt posted any tatics that are even worth while maybe it is time to for me to step up a take over has 40k tatic king on the blogs lolz

  3. interesting list.

    Should be a DA models list proxied using SM rules.

  4. Interesting, I still don't think it will do very well against DoA/JP Marines or any fast moving assault army.

    I remember back in 4th ed. Scout Armies were actually pretty cunning. I would also love to maybe see this army scaled down. At 2k points, IG Mech armies would probably still win out especially with their ignoring cover save template weapons.

  5. 1. You can only fortify ruins, not just any piece of terrain. This is a significant limiter on where your troops will go.

    2. How do you deal with an assault-heavy force? You have no screening units and very limited firepower. (Sniper Rifles will only kill 4-5 guys per turn.)

    3. Lascannons are hilariously overpriced on Devastators. At least do yourself a favor and take Missiles instead.

    I just don't get this. Sure, it's hard to shoot to death... unless the enemy can shrug off cover somehow. It has no way of dealing with Deep Striking units, and it's entirely static and thus can't claim objectives except by sitting on them the whole game (at which point the enemy will come and assault you and you have no way of dealing with that.) It's a cute idea, but it has so very many holes in it that I can't see it working consistently.

    >razor spam cant beat hordes...cant be dont straight up,Seriously

    Good Razorback lists include Flamers, blasts, etc. Shitty players who just take 6x Razorbacks and think they will omg autowin! are still shitty players and will hence lose.

  6. (The razorspam comment was directed at AutarchAndrew, who raised the point. Apologies if it was misunderstood.)

    3. Who does Lysander join? Is he with one of the Scouts squads, or is he sitting on his own? Being with Scouts seems more palatable (he won't get shot to death that way), but at that point he is no longer actually screening anything, just providing some nominal counterassault. The Dreads will likewise be able to assault something once it's hit your lines, but by themselves are not big enough (in terms of unit footprint) to actually block off an assault on your forces- not to mention that most people's AT firepower will be directed solely at them, lacking any other vehicles.

    5. Certainly you have a lot of flexibility in placing your units thanks to infiltrate (although I would question the value of outflanking a unit that wants to sit static), but that isn't the same as mobility. And, as noted, your options for placement will be limited by the terrain, since the plan seems to be to place yourself in a fortified ruin. Remember also that the ruin you select must be in your deployment zone, further limiting your choices.

    6. I don't think there's anything wrong with the core concept, I just think that it could be executed better; I had assumed you posted the idea up because you were looking for comments on it. I realize that not every list is designed to be maximally competitive, but this one has some serious holes in it that I thought it would be good to bring up before you sunk several hundred dollars into it. However, since you don't seem to be looking for advice and were merely posting the list as, I have to assume, a curiosity for others to glance over, I won't further bother you.