Feast of Blades '13

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Colonial GT!

Alright Kevin here bringing you another post. I just paid for and locked my position into the Colonial GT in the awsome town of Princeton, NJ home to that prestigious college everyone wants to get into. I go to the theater down in that town every christmas season and love it, very historical and an awsome town to visit. Im scheduled to go down with my ever so loyal buddy Marcus and his Genestealer Shock list as well as hopefully my club and cousin clubs major GT players. I have already signed in to compete with my Dark Eldar army which I have just finished bringing up to the required 1850 ammount with a list I believe is competitive. I do plan on auditing it after a few games to switch around wargear and such. Here is the basics of the list without wargear and specifics.

The Baron

2 haemonculi with an assortment of weapons

two squads of 10 warriors each in a raider

two squads of 9 hekatrix bloodbrides both in Raiders

9 hellions

2 Ravagers decked out with darklight love

I plan on auditing the wargear and squads with as many practice games I can fit into the next month with playing as many missions from the GT as possible. I am about at all built and primed with just over half fully painted and 2 units fully based. I hope to play head honcho Melon_head...yes Terra Im calling you out....a couple of times in as many armies as possible (he owns every army my bud Marcus doesnt have, so thats a good thing) Expect a few batreps with the new DE coming your way as I have two such reports and a pregame going over my current list on schedule to open on youtube soon....hopefully tommorrow.

After many RTT's and local game shop tournies, with a couple of wins under my belt and over 11 years of experience, I am going to my first GT (took me long enough) but I believe it will finally be worth the investment. Expect a full recount and review of the GT on either my blog or the other place I post, the famous warhammer40kbloodangels.blogspot.com aka "Jawaballs blog", after I compete as long as army progress and Batreps until then. I am attending a couple tournaments before hand. Check my youtube channel for more content, look for the link on the sidebar to your right in my info...

As always....more on this later...

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