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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer of the Undead?(Vampire Counts)

Ok Im a lover of computer strategy games and a veteran of the total war series...games like fantasy are always sucking me in....but since mantic exists I can play it starting in the summer....summer of the undead....possible to play in next years colonial fantasy GT?

{BTW my grasp of Fantasy rules is fairly mediocre at best, please correct me for anything that breaks the rules or is just plain stupid....and yes I know skeletons and zombies suck so stop chanting GHOULS! GHOULS! GHOULS! ;) }

Vampire Counts Army Possibly Total-- 2500


1. Vampire Lord, +1 Magic Lvl, Flayed Haubark, Carstien ring, Master of the Black Arts, Dark Acolyte -435


1. Vampire, dispel scroll, scepter de noiret, lord of dead, Dark Acolyte -195

2. *BSB* Wight King, sword of Kings, avatar of death – 145


1. X50 Skeletons, musician, champion standard bearer, spears, banner of endless nightmare- 485

2. X25 Zombies, musician, standard bearer – 114

3. X20 Crypt Ghouls, Crypt Ghast – 168

4. X20 Crypt Ghouls, Crypt Ghast – 168

5. Corpse cart- 75


1. X20 Grave Guard, seneschal, musician, standard bearer -270

2. X20 Grave Guard, seneschal, musician, standard bearer -270


1. X3 Cairn Wraiths, tomb banshee- 175

Based around a Mantic Undead army I think this list is pretty good. I wanted at least 3 characters and I have that...although another vampire would be good I know a BSB Wight King is a good option....obviously the vampire and BSB with the massive amount of skeletons in the middle....Skeletons are not very good but with the wight king bringing in one or two a turn as well as the vampire giving me 1-6 more per turn makes this unit fairly hard to kill (I hope its mad expensive in points!).....a unit of 25 zombies just because who doesnt like zombies? (and they come int he kit so I might as well get my moneys worth.....they can jump in front of enemies to roadblock them.....obligatory two units each of grave guard and ghouls...both are the better infantry units in the army....and they are fun and tactical.....vamp lord goes with one of the grave guard units...... I would have another corpse cart or two but I ran out of points.....Im also neglecting a black coach yet Im going for a horde look.....I would possibly add one for 3000 points....the vamps in general are built around adding more bodies to my army and adding zombies to roadblock my opponents fast units on the flanks since I lack wolves or fell bats which were originally in but had to be dropped... the vamp lord was built around being as magically capable as possible being a LVL 4 Wizard that gets +2 power dice to any magic he does....with the ring and a 2+ armor save Im trying to make him as hard to kill as possible.....Cairn Wraiths are just BAMF's that can step in front of big enemy units with no magical attacks and just break dance to hammertime...also a banshee just for fun.....I like the army and believe it can be semi competitive...any thoughts? With using a mix of sources and using Mantic Army deals and warstore prices on some mantic pieces and a GDubs corpse cart right now I can get this for 200 bucks.....that's a deal...See this coming in june possibly

...more on this later....

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