Feast of Blades '13

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Dark Eldar Models

Well Folks Dark Eldar 3rd wave has come if you didn’t already read every new source before stumbling upon mine. I feel obliged to talk about them….
For one I was very much hoping the razorwing would come with this….pictures are out but no model for sale….shame… I want one to make a voidraven…
Venoms are cheaper than Raiders! In terms of money….Im actually surprised….looks like the picture in the book so the venom conversions really aren’t all that off….Its cheaper to just buy the kit….I may want two of these puppies…sigh eventually…
Now the Scourges models are….extremely good…looking….It is a viable build to have a squad of 5 with 2 heat lances or 2 blasters….It is also only 132 points…..25$ is not too shabby either price wise….I see my list changing a bit
The talos/cronos….meh I think it looks weird…too muscle-ish….not in my list regardless
So probability dictates Ill get some scourges soon and adapt them in…..followed by a couple venoms and a voidraven….I still need to crunch the numbers…more on this later
Maybe incubi as well…but that defiantly nulls out one Hekatrix quad….hmmmm


  1. Held the venom in my hand today , its freaking tiny and I think its possibly the worst model in the DE range , its kinda dumpy , dunno , bit disappointed now

  2. Even though we have all seen the pics, pics of the new models or links would have been nice. That said these new models are some of the best imho that gw has produced, good fit, good looks....awsome army so far.