Feast of Blades '13

Monday, May 16, 2011

No More Metal?

So are the days of metal armies done? GW has dumped the pewter metal line for new plastic/resin evil hybrid set.....yay? The price seems to be going up....just a buck or two from what I can tell...Wasn't the main two reasons metal models were so expensive that A.) shipping that heavy a weight and B.) The price of metal was high? Hmmmm is our hatred of metal and love of plastic strong enough to embrace this change? MY DE army only has 2 metal models in it....so I am not being impacted that hard....oppinions? ..more on this later...

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  1. Metal wasn't very user-friendly so I for one am welcoming this change. The prices went up, sure, but in the end you don't need that many metal models to begin with. Tyranids are hurt by this though, seeing as Hive guard prices went up by about 25% and everybody will want 4-6 of those guys.