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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Conflict GT News & Such

So since my entire fall GT schedule fell through (sigh no BFS, 11thCGT, or Mechanicon for me) I am looking into what I can compete in the first half of next year. The Colonial was fairly pricey putting it towards the back while the SVDM at Showcase Comics near Philly being a no excuse to play in event for myself this year. College up in New England always has its downsides with so many scheduleing conflicts......

....This leaves me with the Conflict which is being held at a mall semi-near my old stomping ground...which I do go to quite a bit....grrr a possibility?

Anyway according to thier site as of yesterday the tournament went from 2000 points to 1750 for 40k.....which puts it into my personal point level of comfort (1500-1750)....As of now in tournament games, off memory, at 1750 and below I am 9-4-2 while games above its somewhere around 6-9-5....probably worse at the below......at 1500 I am 5-1-1 and is my preffered level for any fun/tournament game....yet on this side of the Atlantic you do not see many 1500 point tournaments or GT's...... For my 2011-2012 season I am dead at .500 ...With a new army being clinked around I hope to have ready for the first half of 2012 GT season....

The Conflict itself starts ticket sales in a week....Since both start times are at 9am with a place to stay for free only being less than an hour and a half away this tournament does seem attractive.....the time off could be an issue with working as a chef being a horrible job to have in this hobby.....fridays/saturdays being the buisiest times....

....Time to do some thinking....more on this later.

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