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Friday, November 11, 2011

1750 Conflict GT Codex: Space Marine List

Ok all, Kevin here to lay out my 1750 Storm Wardens Army. I have been building and painting this army in secret since August as my new project. After a few games I have hammered out the list I will be running, saying things get cemented in, at the Conflict GT in January. here it is...

1750 point Space Marines

1. Space Marine Captain, bike, artificer armor, power fist, digital weapons - 185
-Command squad, bikes,
1x Apothecary
1x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield
1 x Melta gun/Storm Shield
1x Storm shield/lightning claw, melta bombs
1x Storm shield/lightning Claw -335
1. Dreadnought, Twin Linked Las, heavy flamer/CCA -145
2. Dreadnought, Twin Linked Las, heavy flamer/CCA -145
Fast Attack
1. X1 Attack Bike, x1 multi melta -50
1. Scout Squad, camo cloaks, x4 snipers, missile launcher -100
2. Tactical Squad, powerfist -190
-Razorback, TL Las
3. Tactical Squad, combi melta -175
-Razorback, TL Las
Heavy Support
1. Devastator Squad, x2 lascannons, x1 missile launchers -175
2. Devastator squad, x2 lascannons x1missile launcher -250
-Razorback, Las/Plas

Ok the first thing most people will notice is I am using a Biker Command Squad.....I get a lot of wierd looks for running it to. It is a unit I have wanted to run ever since I got back into the game a few years back but was always scared of the points and conversion cost. Let me say one thing to all of those that say this unit is overated....used in a proper way this is one of the best units in the entire game. It is very mobile so it lets me choose my battles. Each model in the unit has unique warear to help me in wound allocation and it is loaded with T5 3+ 3++ 4+++ love. I have yet to lose this unit in a game and for my oppoenent to just knock out one model is a hard task. I got assaulted by 60 ork boyz in a tournament and I wont he combat with only losing one biker...I will save all the details and tactics with the unit for it's own article in the future.

We also see my prefered three scoring units.....typical two small msu razorback squads and a camo cloaked scout sniper unit. I have always been about castling up on one or two objectives and holding them with more than one scoring unit being protected by my refered pattern of dreadnought (tl las and heavy flamer/dcc arm) in which you see duplicated in the list as well as some solid static shooting in which we see the the two devastator squads. I like the dev squads because the signum lets me shoot one of the lascannons with BS5, by the way which is probably the most forgotten about piece of wargear in the book.

With this list another detail comes out, what is with all of the lascannons? We have 9 lascannons in the list, 4 of which are twin linked. I can explain using such a expensive peice of wargear due to my year with Dark eldar....after you cannot manage to peetrate anything with S8 spam you tend to get annoyed with anything S8. I still have a bunch of missile launchers in the army but the lascannon is the most prominent weapon in the list. In all my practice games with this army I have yet to lose a game. It is very similar to my old "poor mans" Imperial Fist Army I ran a couple of years ago in hich I always had a ton of success with.

So why Storm Wardens? Wel I have always loved painting blue and if I was ever to paint another marines army it was going to be a blue and silver army. Plus I had some awesome inspiration from a ton of great painters on the web. I used the Storm Wardens Army project as a good starting point and went on from there. I also wanted an army that was not legion based so I can run it with Black Templar as well as Dark Angels when they came out, since the Wardens have an unkown history and founding.

...well more on this later, including BatReps and unit breakdowns.....

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