Feast of Blades '13

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Not Very Competitive Necron Army List 2000 Points

(Editors Notes: In Retrospect this list sucks, I wrote it the day before the codex came out...meh its more fun than anything...please go to my main page for a real competitive 1850 list)
Don't ask where I got the list or rules.....this is legit though


  1. Trazyn the Infinite -175

    *Royal court- 265

    -Cryptek of despair, veil of darkness, nightmare shroud

    -Cryptek of destruction,gaze of flame, solar pulse

    -Lord, Rez Orb, hyperphase sword

    -Lord, Rez Orb, hyperphase sword


  1. Immortals x5, night scythe- 185

  2. Immortals x5, night scythe- 185

  3. Immortals x5, night scythe- 185


  1. C'tan shard, lord of fire, writhing worldscape- 230

  2. x5 Lychguard, swords/shields- 225

Fast Attack

  1. x5 scarab bases- 75

  2. x5 scarab bases- 75

Heavy Support

  1. Doom Scythe-175

  2. Doom Scythe- 175

  3. Canoptek Spyder- 50

Simple Air assault list....using trazyn with the shroud cryptek to jump forward into the enemy...scarabs eat stuff with spyders crankin out more....attach lords and other cryptek to immortals.....other than that shoot shoot and shoot.....pretty fun and balanced list but this new necron book is wayyy too elite for its own good in the way that it goes against the endless legion mindset....I would say the cost limits the overpowering but still a good threat to GK ad current meta...more on this later....


  1. Uggg. The only really good list i can think of is making Difficult dangerous witht he C'tan, and shooting units to make then in Dangerous.

    Shameless link to my Codex Review... in three , two, One...


  2. ....I'm sorry, mang, but this list is bad. Like, really bad. It has virtually no way to kill tanks, expensive HQs, very limited troops, and it's not really all that good at CC. Most 2000pt armies should roll over this without trouble.

    The new Necron book is pretty complex, I don't think it's going to be easy to "solve" and just make obvious lists. While there are some standout units, it has to be very careful when juggling its points and trying to keep itself tough enough to be useful.

  3. hahaha abusepuppy your right it is, check the next list i wrote, It kid of makes me laugh at the former