Feast of Blades '13

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lists Heard 'Round the Web Part 1: Necron "Flying Circus"

Hey all Kevin here starting a new series on Lists, a majority will be necrons, I have heard around my FLGS's that people will be taking to tournaments....

First up to bat is what I have been hearing as the Necron Flying Circus....here is a breakdown of the basic list...at 1850


1.Imhotek- 225


1. X11 Immortals, Night Scythe- 270
2. X10 Immortals, Night Scythe- 270
3. X10 Immortals, Night Scythe- 270
4. X10 Immortals, Night Scythe- 270

Heavy support

1. Doom Scythe- 175
2. Doom Scythe- 175
3. Doom Scythe- 175

My first thought is wow that is not that much. The army relies on the supersonic special rule coupled with the Stormlords ability to have night fighting continue throughout the begining of the game. It also relies on the ability for the Doom Scythe to "dry fire" since it technically does not need to target a specific unit and therefore does not need to be able to see it.

It zooms up 36" turn one into places relatively safe due to night fighting. Turn two it moves into position and everything jumps out to start shooting while the doom scythes get into position to blast lines of vehicles. Then the immortals shoot up the contents. Hopefully night fighting continues until turn 3 or 4 and then everything opens up....The Tesla destructos bruning up remaining vehicles witht he deth rays and large Immortal groups target infantry.

Nice things about the list? Very mobile while being technically the fastest list in the game, for the most part. This coupled with continued night fighting makes it very hard to pick off your vehicles with flat out saves. The Doom Scythes take advantage of night fighting and thier death ray rules, which need an faq, slaughter whole chunks of vehicles....Also large sets of 10 immortals are hard to push in general.....A very simple list while being sort of competitive.....It does lack a large ammount of compitent long range anti-vehicle shooting as well as any assault prescense what so ever.....I see this as a nice shock list that can take advantage of some players never seeing something like this before....but not top tier in GT competitiveness....thoughts?....more on thsi later.....

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  1. Too many Immortals, not enough Crypteks. There should be at least one Destruction or Despair guy in each of those squads, possibly a Transmorg guy instead.

    I feel like it could also benefit from some other additions to the FA or EL slots for various things; 40 troop models is a bit excessive.

    But yes, this will be the skeleton of a number of 2000pt lists.