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Monday, November 21, 2011

Menoth Army for Sale!

Hey all, there are days in your life when you realize you have too many projects and not enough funding to get them all done....today is one. I am looking at trying to support the Storm Wardens and all of their future expansions with the probable expansion of my Chaos army after GW nerfs anything we do have left next summer as well as the probable realigning of my Vampire Counts army when I start to play them after they get their update this year. Currently I am looking at getting a new Marines, vampires, and black templar update (with Dark Angels not far behind) as well as the realiginment of power after 6th edition hits that will probably cause expansions in all of my armies....its nice to get updates but when they come all at once it can be a pain.....so enough moans and groans....I am looking at the need to drop a project and with little time to devout to them, as well as looking at not playing them at all anytime soon I see myself forced to sell off my Protectorate of Menoth Army. It is 44 points + warcasters currently and up for sale on ebay....above are some pictures and below is the link to the ebay auction.....


A Full Warjack heavy Protectorate of Menoth Army for Warmachine and Hordes with a retail value of $300. Included is the following
High Allegient Amon Ad-Raza
2x Crusader Heavy Warjacks (one fully painted and professionally painted and one plastic)
A Vanquisher Heavy Warjack (unpainted)
A Revenger Light Warjack (partially painted)
A Devout Light Warjack (partially painted)
A Repenter Light Warjack (partially painted)
A full 6 model unit of the new Choir of Menoth (unpainted and rand new product)
A full 6 model unit of Daughters of the Flame (unpainted)
A Vassel Mechanik (unpainted and new)
A FULL Protectorate of Menoth Faction Deck including multiple cards for every model above
A full set of Amon Ad-Raza counter tokens
A Kreoss model (missing weapon, will include if found and partially painted)
Will awnser any questions about listing.

Current price is $275 as buy now with the bid at $200...a fairly good deal since you get a very warjack heavy Amon Ad-Raza menoth list.....with this sell I plan on funding the tail end of my Storm Wardens for the Conflict as well as the Conflict itself and mabye fund an expansion for the Storm Wardens.....I just finished painting my display board so look for that also with the possibiliy of starting a display board making buisness...look for that soon....so check out the auction and leave any questions in the comments below.....as well as if you are looking for a blog to write at I am currently looking for other authors....more on this later...

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