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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Vampire Counts Codex Next Year!

Ok everyone I was talking to the owner of a local FLGS of mine. He tends to be fairly spot on to predicting codex releases based of feedback he gets from GW. From what he tells me GW has stopped production and selling of all Vampire Counts codex's and models to independant retailers. GW only does this when a new codex is set to be released within 6 months (up to a year at the extreme maximum)...So that is the fact speculation would set this up as a probable March-May release (prior to 40k 6th edition release in the summer)...From what I know this contradicts a lot of rumors, mostly putting Wood Elves and Brettonians next....yet if this is the case with the VC then this throws a monkey wrench into the gears of one of those codices......I do play Vampire Counts so I am currently stopping production of that army until I see a good set of rumors or even a codex for that matter.....please take all with a grain of salt as the above is speculation based on one single fact....that production and selling to retailers has stopped with them.......more on this later...debate in comments!

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  1. This rumour been going around in Warseer as well, I think there is something to it. I always liked VC, if they come out in March I will definitely give them a go.