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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2nd Annual OSDD Charity Doubles Tournament "The Fight Against Hunger":The Original Wacky Doubles Event!

Hey All, Kevin here with details of my clubs annual Doubles tournament at TempleCon. We decided to drop all of our previous events for just our infamous doubles tournament format which has one praise online and copycats all across the country...unfortunatly I will be stuck at work in New Jersey this year or I would attend (ironically its on my birthday so it would have been sweet, but its also the boss mans vacation...darn)...Still we intend to run our event with all of the bells and whistles loved last year with even more awesomeness and an extremely juicy set of models up for our auction this year including some fairly well known painters including Jawaballs and many of our clubs hobby enthusiasts.....here is the Press release made by Melonhead, our TO and club leader.....so on to the details!

Ocean State Dice Devils
2nd Annual “Fight Against Hunger”
Charity Doubles Tournament
Where:  Templecon.org Crown Plaza, Warwick, RI
When:  12:45 PM on Friday  February 3rd, 2012.  Be there at 12 for registration.
What:  A Doubles Team Tournament to benefit the Rhode Island Food Bank. A fun and extremely broken tournament.  Remember it’s for a good cause and a good time.
Cost: Free with a TemplCon admission.  Although donations of cash and/or canned goods will be accepted on behalf of the RI Food Bank.
Points/FoC:  2500 per team (1250 per player). Shared FoC. Each player MUST have 1 HQ and 2 Troops. All other FoC slots divided per team discretion. All codex limitations in effect per team (ie: no 2 M. Calgar(S) or 2 Vindicare Assassins per teamare allowed.), all other codex limitations, such as the 0-1 rule will be in effect per team, etc.  Shared rules within a team ARE allowed. Yes, this means the possibility for some seriously broken shenanigans, your all welcome ;)
Rounds:  Three rounds = 2 hours and 45 minutes per round. Dinner break after the first round.
Items: Bring five (5) copies of your teams Army List. 1 for the TO, 1 for you and 1 for each of  your opponents. Dice, Pencil/Pen, Tape Measure, Templates.  All Codices, FaQs, Rule Books that you plan on using rules from.  Army (Duh), WYSIWYG in effect. No painting requirement (But encouraged).
Armies:   Only current and legal GW Codices are allowed (including White Dwarf Codices). FW vehicles and units ARE allowed with the following exceptions. Gargantuan Creatures, Super Heavies and/or Fliers will NOT be allowed.  The player using any FW model(s) MUST have the pertinent rules and FAQs to use the model(s). Only current and official GW/FW FAQs will be used.
Prizes:  There will be Prizes for First, Second and Third Places.  Each round will also have a Bonus prize to a single team.
Donations:  We will have a variety of ways to donate, here is the run down.
Walk-Ins,  Anyone (participation in the tournament not required) may donate cash or canned goods.  As well as purchase any tokens, raffle tickets, orbital bombardment etc.  ALL  proceeds go directly to the charity, we keep zero of the funds/cans (last year we raised $750.00 and an unspecified amount of canned goods for our charity).
Re-roll tokens, usable to reroll any single die roll at any time. Buy as many as you want. The normal limitation of only re-rolling a die once is NOT in effect, if you have a re-roll token you may use it!  Tokens will cost $1.00 each, 6 for $5.00, 13 for $10.00 or 30 for $20.00.
Orbital bombardments, can also be purchased for $5.00 each.  Buy as many as you want! Use it on any table, even on a game you are not involved in.  Spectators may also purchase orbital bombardments to use on any table. These are treated as a S 10 AP 1 Large Blast Ordinance template.
Smoke grenades, $2 each. A smoke grenade token allows one model/unit to "pop smoke" during the shooting phase instead of firing any weapons (model/unit may still "run"). "Smoke" grants that model/unit a 4+ cover save. This save lasts until your next shooting phase. May be used once per game per token
Raffle,  We will be holding a raffle (licensed), tickets will cost will cost $1.00 each, 6 for $5.00, 13 for $10.00 or 30 for $20.00.  Various gamer related prizes, to include but not limited to, 3 FW items (smaller than a Titan bigger than a Grot), Airbrush and Compressor set, Pro Painted Single Models and much more!
Special auction,  There will be an special auction before each Round for the following “items”. 
Round 1: Universal Special Rule, the auction winners will choose which USR will be applied to any one model/unit of the auction winners choice.
Round 2: Hellstorm Strike, Use the inferno template rules from Apocalypse. Strength 7 AP 3. One shot. If the strike sells for $24.00 or less it MUST be applied on the auction winners table.  If the strike sells for $25.00 or more then it may be applied to ANY table the auction winner choses.
Round 3: "MIMIC",  "MIMIC" allows one model/unit to gain the ability to "MIMIC" any ONE enemy model/unit’s profile.  The ability only functions when your model/unit is in hand to hand combat! Only non-vehicle model(s)/unit(s) may be chosen. The choices must be made prior to the start of the game, but after both sides have deployed and will last for the ENTIRE game.

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