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Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Vampire Counts 2nd Wave Releases up for Pre-Order

Ok everyone GW just put out for pre-order a new watchtower that is VC themed called the Deathknell Watch (pictured above). They also are putting out a new battallion box including 20 skelies, 20 ghouls, a corpse cart and 10 dire wolves....not bad for a battallion. With two of these you almost have all of my starting core in my army. Things like this give you the opportunity to still get an army for around $400....so if you wanted to start VC with the new book and did not want to buy things under the standard price just wait a little while for this release. Check the GW website for more details...Would you call this a true 2nd wave although? I am expecting some new boxes come march or april...hopefully new zombies boxes

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