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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Even More Chaos Speculation: The plot thickens!

Alrighty folks, since we are getting a lot deeper into the 6th/Chaos rumor season I see more puzzle pieces fitting together.

Last article, the very small one about the dread, was about how the daemon engine might be our awnser for the changing dread......

But now we have the final piece to the dreadnought puzzle.....we ARE getting a dreadknight equivilent.....this only means that I was correct that the dread wasnt gonna be as tough as the forgeworld model and if anything look and sound like the model....If we are getting a dreadknight equivilent I would expect that one to be more like the daemon engine....this only sounds better...also the whole dragon thing being blown out of proportion and it just being a flyer thing I was correct on as well (All with caviats)

I also wrote an article way back on how 40k would be like if it was blended a bit mroe with fantasy....well know rumors state we are gonna get a lot of those aspects....not inluded in the rumors were the fact that pre measuring will be part of 6th......that is very aperent and I am surprised none of the rumor mongers are letting that piece out. Yet a change to a fantasy styled force org which is based on perentages.....aka
  • 30% max spent on HQ's
  • Atleast 30% spent on troops
  • 50% max elites and fast
  •  25% or less spent on heavys
(as a rough translation)

Now I would prefer this but some might not like the growing pains.

Also if we do get a fantasy magic styled system to replace psychic powers that means that there will be a large set of base powers in the rulebook.....with different styles of psychers....what they are your guess is as good as mine..and then we get our book specific brand of psychers.

The stupid part now is that we roll for our psychic powers....which REALLLY sucks for some books if this is true.

Still the plot thickens...I will keep doing these rumor speculation articles as the days go by

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  1. I tihnk pre measuring and percentages will certainly be in, as well as a change to the way derp strike works... But I can't see any WFB style changes to Psychic powers. The system just doesn't translate at all.