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Monday, April 23, 2012

What should be Expected in 6th to fix 5th?

Well when texting a friend of mine to make a rhode trip (haha if you understand the play on words) up to my apartment for a tournamentt late this summer it got me thinking. We will probably be a bit into 6th edition 40k (Apperently) and the game will be in full tournament legality. So what is 6th gonna be like anyway? Well we all remember that phantom rules set that came out months ago that got wierd feelings running up a lot of legs until enough people got convinced enough it was not legit.....funny enough people who were obsessed by how real it was are now quietly hanging out in the corner while those who thought it was always faux pas like to mention it every other post randomly even when it doesn't pertain......anyway what we, apperently, could take from it was that it was a collection of all the brainstorming on what could be changed to 40k....which apperently is a sh!t ton. So this made it that 90%-95% of it "not gonna happen" material....yet there is a margin allowing some of these changes to come.

Personally I love how some tried to coin it as the heresy rules set by stating on their videos people were starting to call it that....lol nice try Beasts of Wayland....(haha I can still picture Warren saying that with his sickly grin....shudder***)

Still the three things I liked about it were the changes to reserves with a reserve pool of dice and being able to throw X ammount of dice at any unit...even combineing units into strike teams to be rolled for all at once. It would make reserves armies a little bit better with  a fun little element to each turn. This is possible but probably not likely gonna be exactly what happens. Things we do know will probably happen is a reduction from cover saves....likely to 5+ which brings things more into line. Personally I would like to see AP-1/2 weapons as well as ordinance weapons like demolisher cannons giving a negative to all cover saes to make ordinance actually feasible in the game again. There is a similar mechanic in fantasy so I would not rule it out. Another hopeful item is dense forrests completely blocking los...or even hills with infinite height.....this would help with a lack of los blocking elements with still keeping TLOS....Lastly, mostly due to cues from necrons, that preferred enemy will effect both shooting and assaults.....I would almost want to say an element of multi-leveled eternal warrior also being a probable change but I'll hold my thoughts on that....oh and seizing will go...its just wayy to much of a random gimic...we know that.

Flyer rules are obvious....and since the Flyers are all being held for an aperent release maybe a fall of flyers, as a model wave release not a rules update, is really gonna happen....I blame the first summer of flyers rumor on hot talk from someone trying to make a good fake rumor up...and this is now dumb luck with a caviat....

Regardless a few changes like those above would fix a ton of problems with the current meta. Adepticon had over half the field containg less than a 5th of the total codices available.....none of the core codixes are top tier at all leaving a large player base left unapreciated lately (Hey there Ork, Chaos Space Marine, Eldar, Tyranid and Vanilla Marine players)...atleast we can expect these codices some time in the next two years...

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