Feast of Blades '13

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What we can expect with 6th Edition Chaos Space Marines

I will keep this new piece of speculation short. Well with the whole new foxus on legions we can expect an almost older pattern of the way we can makeup an army....which is pretty cool since from this we can speculate the force org chart will change, as well as something similar to chapter tactics, will all come in to play.

for instance I would not be suprised that your HQ choice must take up alegion to make up its traits. We can take from this that since GW will not madate us to paint alpha legion if we play alpha legion that the fluff says your leader and your forces warband derived from that specific legion and has its traits.

For instance you choose your legion, aka trait profile, when you pick a lord. These will allow your entire army to either  benefit from a USR and mabye some force org swaps...also additions to marks for the four marked legions...chaos undivided probably will just get some cool buffs.....

meaning things like khorne bersekrers and plague marines will probably only be force org swaps meaning they start elites and become troops if you choose their respective legions...and then the rest of your army gains their mark or something like rage for khorne or FNP for nurgle....

So basically I would not be surprised your army is made up like this. I make my Chaos lord Alpha Legion derived therefor I gain the USR stealth for my entire army while allowing myself to take Chaos cutists as troop choices. Or if I choose Night lords my army allows myself to take raptors as troop choices...Lets also say that Iron Warrios get vindicators in both the elite and heavy slots....or something of that nature that makes armies more legion specific and probably do not allow multiple HQ's from different legionary lines....I also expect Special characters to decide these traits for you and even boos them in some places.

It would make sense, especially if Matt Ward wrote this dex, that some system like this will be mandated.....and I would love it as well as any other minor chaos legion fanboy hiding with his Alpha Legion in the closet....Any thoughts? Personally I cannot wait to start to put out facts instead of speculation on chaos...more on this later....


  1. Didn't know the Iron Hands had turned to Chaos :)

  2. I like the sound of that. I just have to say, "Bring back Khornite Chain Axes!"