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Sunday, May 6, 2012

6th Edition Rumors: Return of Overwatch/Assaulting from Deepstrike and consolidating into another combat!?!?

Now I am not much of a rumor poster, mostly just a speculator, but I feel once all of the details on 6th get out we will start to like the edition more. Right now all of the rumors are getting a ton of hate since this newer edition sounds wayyy different to 5th edition...but fear not my friends. If we do get 40k "stand and shoot back" aka overwatch, as well as assaults off of the deepstrike and the infamous consolidate into another combat I can say the berserker armies will rule again. (Hello Pod assault armies!)

Personally this is very exciting...besides if random charging is anything like fantasy your charge range goes from 6" to 2D6"............just saying...Also the ability for vehicles to now die if you happen to shake it 3 times (or 4) is so much better....combined with lowered cover saves.....are vehicles not that useful anymore?

All I am saying if you were planning on doing a drop pod assault army......you probably are playing the odds....or even a drop pod dread army. Good call Jawaballs......

via Grant of Faeit 212 (Give them a look, great blog, always full of rumors and news before many get them)Cheers gentlemen!
I know all of these rumors sound bloody ridiculous but they may not be bad for the game at all. I have been chatting with the source for my documents, we both feel that based off of the csm codex that assaults off of consolidation will be back as well as possibly off the bloody deep strike. This is not only backed up by the fact that they are "nerfing" assault range, but also because of 2 special rules.

Mates say hello to bloody "snap fire" and the return of overwatch.

Snap fire - allows a unit to shoot at an attacking unit at bs 1 prior to being assaulted.

Also mates, since I'm posting I may as well add a snippet or two more to the firestorm...
Rhino's have 3 hull points, Landraiders and the defiler have 4. Any damage chart result other than wrecked or explodes will take 1 hull point away.

HQ's can now challenge each other just like in fantasy. This must be accepted by opponent or is played normal. HQ that wins, wins the assault for his unit.

Chaos units that kill a unit get to roll on a chart for gifts from a chaos lord very similar to the power from pain rule that Phil gave to DE.

Thousand sons are still relentless and still have ap 3 bolters.

Cheers mates,


  1. why is it that every time I read a 6th edition rumor, I get a little bit more depressed?
    Every rumor so far has left me fearing for my beloved 40k. So when i see a blog with a new rumor i quickly click in the hope of good news.
    It never comes.

    Its like a new coldplay album. Album reviews say this one is OK, its not like the rest....they lie. Disappointment every time guaranteed.

  2. Well Rob I have to ask why is it that you do not like what you see....see I take this from the perspective of someone going into their 4th edition of 40k. What I see with all these rumors is the return of a lot of old rules....I believe, as I will write about later, people are disapointed by the rumors because most are just 5th edition players and have not played another edition...so they have not experienced a change like this before...like I hated my first edition change when it went from 3rd to 4th....but now I feel almost elated for the change this time around

  3. My worries/depression/glass half empty comes from my disappointment with 8th edition fantasy.
    I've been around a little while too and I've seen a few editions of both the main GW lines.

    I was a poster boy for 8th edition when it first came out. Seriously, I was almost as bad as a GW employee when it came to promoting the new 8th edition. I thought that random charge length would be awesome, scenery having additional random rules, changes in the force organization chart etc would make for a more amazing and memorable game. 8th edition was going to be different from 7th in all the right ways.

    So i thought.

    Random charge length meant dwarves with good luck dice were better at charging then my bad luck dice ogres. (You never remember the games when you needed a 3 but rolled a 12 for charge length. you remember the games you needed a 3 but rolled snake eyes.)

    random scenery meant regular stopping the game to see what the senery does now someone has walked on it. Going back to it two turns later cause you just remembered its a blood wood of bloodyness and should have done 3xD3 strength x-1 hits on the models with least amount of green on them. It made things more complicated. It took you out the main game. We shouldnt care what that piece of watery terrain is - we should care about how many lizardmen are going to crush skaven this turn!

    Force organization - I thought great, stop some of the unit spam. "So much for mini-maxing!" I said foolishly. It didnt stop spam. We just had to buy more models of different units to spam with.

    (Dont get me wrong, many things went right - pre measuring and other things helped the game and were good changes. I'm not against change, just changes in the wrong direction.)

    I prefered the tweeky changes from 4th - 5th. It took out the jammy bits (consolidating combat to combat etc) and tightened things up. Made the game quicker and easier to play. That's what I would love to see for 6th. A bit more speeding up. Maybe tighten up some jigerey-pokery with wound allocation. Make it easier to fit a 2000pt game into 2 1/2 hours.

    I dont want to go back to the bad old days of 2nd edition. Things were changed for a reason. That is what is depressing me. Rumors that Jarvis has got nostalgic for the old days and is bringing back 2nd ed rules.

  4. Ahh good thoghts there. Personally I like 8th edition fantasy. Yet I did know 7th edition rules but I just never played. So I may be having original edition love syndrome...or whatever it would be called lol

    I do consider 5th the worst edition but 2nd was probably the most flawed system based on some of the rules.

    Personally I think people are just getting ahead of themselves with some of these rumors...as we do know atleast half of them will turn out wrong....but if they do see the light of day in 6th the game itself might be the most inbalanced edition I will admit that....yet I still like a lot of what I see...Also I do see that atleast 2/3's of peopl hate it a lot while the other 1/3 seem eccstatic with the rumored changes...no middle ground....now I do have a theory since 5th edition essentially tripled the player base that since a lot of players are 5th edition pure borns they have that 1st edition they played nostalgia thing I currently have for 8th fantasy