Feast of Blades '13

Friday, May 4, 2012

What to do with my Blob Guard now?

Its funny when I play in tournaments, with my funky fun lists, and I usually get wierd looks for things like using an actual space marine captain (OMG)...but hes for the biker command squad...It even makes me chuckle when these guys, who usually admit to me they have been playing for just a year or two, try to give me advice on how to make my list more competitive...I usually sigh and let them know I know what could be better but Im always trying to find that corcky combination that turns into a wrecking ball of anti-meta.....I would tell them, that even though I am in my early twenties, I have played this game for 2/3's of my life and even back in the 90's....As a guard player of 3rd and 4th, horriddd paintjobs, I found a way to strip them....I thought I might just try some new camo techniques and repaint them until Chaos came out...

But now heres the catch.....I like blob guard...recent chaos rumors gives them the ability to field blob cultists and traitor guard....I almost want to finish stripping the models but wait for those traitor guard/cultist rules...If they are good paint them for my chaos army....I might paint a handfull just to see how hey would come out....So what do I do interwebz?

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  1. Damn, those keyword ads are annoying!

  2. yeah I have a feeling they wont last the weekend before I drop them