Feast of Blades '13

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What a New Chaos Land Raider would Probably look like

Hey all, more exciting Chaos news as we now here about a new pattern chaos land raider tht would hold 16 models.

So effectively a Land Raider Crusader for Chaos Space Marines? Maybe but probably not quite...Mostly since Chaos do not have access to any post heresy technology (thats not stolen). Yet they would have equivelents that might translate. Well if we are seeing a direct translation hurricane bolters are just three twin linked bolters so this would be a translation....Yet Assault cannons do not exsist for chaos. Their awnser to the assault cannon is the older reaper autocannon (shorter range twin linked auto cannon). Yet this would seem under powered as a comparison. So we may see two TL reapers or even just the same old heavy bolter on the front. I would not be surprised if it just has three twin linked heavy bolters...

Yet how would it play? Well IMHO drop pod armies will probably reign for the begining of 6th so unless Chaos get access to a drop pod, which is likely, this probably will be a key model as you can pack a lot of assault troops or terminators into it. With rumors pointing to consolidating into other combats 16 berserkers in a land raider will be a no joke unit...so only time will tell

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  1. Options could be, h bolters, h flamers, auto cannons, havoc laumchers...i hope whatever they get is unique and not a dirrect copy of an imperial....also infernal machine needs to come back in a major way!