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Monday, July 16, 2012

The best deals in Independent, individual, or Special Characters: Part 1

Hey all Kevin here to talk about what is in my opinion the best for your buck Independent character for our current codex line up. So these can be everything from normal HQ choices to elite independent characters to special characters. This is not necessarily the best combat character but the best for your value for your points... So first lets start with the book that probably got the biggest hit in the new edition...Black Templar

Black Templar- Marshal w/ terminator armor, admantine mantle, MC chainfist, storm shield - 200 points
Honestly probably one of the best non-special character hq units in the game. With access to the admantine mantle giving the character eternal warrior as well as access to a 2+/3++ save and a chain fist this guy is a deal. He can easily put down the power of any HQ choice, for the most part, in the game and is a continued beast.

Blood Angels- Brother Corbulo- 105 points
Now I was very tempted to pick Mephiston for this slot but nothing can be more useful, even now when the two powers took a hit, than FNP and furious charge. This and Mephiston working is extremely list dependant. This guy Corbulo has some pretty neat abilities for a 105 point priest. He personally has a 2+ FNP save and only loses this to instant death weapons now...and who does not love a 3+/2FNP save set? Add on a S5 Rending chainsword with FC and we have a not so bad character in its own right. In general the FC/FNP bubble that comes with a priest makes these guys very unique and very useful.

Chaos Daemons- Epidemus- 110 points
Now this book has a lot of HQ choices and indie characters in its own right and another book where it is hard to not choose the big expensive Fateweaver....but this is more about value instead of  pure might or ability.....and now in 6th with allies in existence this man has only gotten better. With a probable chance of happening the 3+FNP save he hands out to plague marines is almost invaluable to chaos players these days. By not being a bad character in general.

Chaos Space Marines- Daemon Prince, wings, mark of slaanesh, lash of submission- 155 points
With a meta changing more and more to include foot units a fast HQ choice with the newer strength of monstrous creatures the lash prince is a deal to be had. for only 155 points you have a monstrous creature psycher that can pull units into vulnerable positions. I have a great memory of using a pair of lash princes to pull Fateweaver into assault range of my army turn one of a tournament game while simultaneously putting his entire daemon army outside of fateweavers reroll ability.....this guy has only gotten better...

Dark Angels- TIE- Belial- 130 points & Ezekial- 170 points
Now I could not call this one as the two listed characters are both an extreme value in the current game. For one Belial unlocks an all terminator army and is an HQ choice for only a cheap 130 points...while being nothing special like other special character terminators making deathwing terminators troops is a great value. Although when all is said and done with the command squad upgrade he always takes the unit can get pricey....Now Ezekial was mediocre last edition but now he is a beast. With the ability to take divination we have a normal librarian except he has WS/BS 5, I5, 3 Attacks (5 on the charge), a 2+ save, an MC bolt pistol and a MC force sword. He knows three and has a 12" fearless bubble. All for 70 more points than a normal Libbie....this guy is a captain with upgrades that knows psychic powers and is therefore a great deal and my ally of choice right now...

Dark Eldar- Baron Sathonyx- 105 points
Probably one of the best deals in the game, and my HQ of choice when I played Dark Eldar, he has a myriad of awesome special rules for a low 105 points. For one he has S7 on the charge once he gets FC and can get up to S8 if you roll the correct combat drug. He has the now extremely awesome shadowfield, he adds +1 to your roll to go first, a phantasm grenade launcher and he makes hellions troops who if they are with him gain stealth and skilled rider making them an awesome, now scoring, big unit threat.... Now I know some players are screaming haemonculus right now and I do agree they are a deal but the single pain token and removing fleet from certain units drags them down in value....

Eldar- Eldrad- 210 points
The king of psychers himself, Eldrad, is actually a great deal at 210 points. Heck when is the last time an Eldar army was played without the man himself? A solid Psycher with good rules and can cast any of the eldar's awesome powers and even one more than once. If he doesn't do this he can wound on a 2+ in combat at I5 and ignores armor saves.....not too shabby for a psycher who tend to be weak (Mephiston and Ezekial the exceptions). He also is stacked with all the normal eldar upgrades including all the runes.....a deal for the points spent...

(Will continue with Part:2, please comment on what you also think is a deal and subscribe to the blog to be eligible to win future possible giveaways, thanks!)


  1. Both Epidemus and Fateweaver are excellent when combined with choas marines. Not only does epidumus give plague marines 3+ FnP but the plague marines can cause casualties early from shooting to ensure the taly count gets up quickly. Fateweaver ability to allow units to reroll saves is excellent with chaos terminators.

    I've started using the Baron, because he now beasts move at the same speed as him, and he adds so much to the unit (just have to be careful he doesn't go through terrain on the charge or he slows the unit down).

    I think Lysander will just pip Vulkan for the Space Marine character. Eteranal warrior, bolster defenses, plus bolter drill. Space Marine drop pods allowing 12 models to be transported allows him to accompany a tactical squad in one.


  2. Yeah its basically down to Lysander, Vulkan, and a basic librarian....a libbie is a good value but Lysander is better than most units equivelent to his points....shrike fell out of contestion due to his high cost and being less powerful now