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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dark Eldar Foot lists in 6th edition: Dark Eldar and Eldar Allies until the end

So continuing through my breakdown of books I either play, or use to play, we come upon the Space Elves and even though I just sold my Dark Eldar and they are off to invade Australia last week I thought I would talk about them and their new best friends the craftworlders...but first of all lets talk about allies for DE in general in an 1850 list...

Well we have two real options, as BB's will be the only true choice of allies for any book we have Tau and Craftworld Eldar. Now Tau really will only add fire support which DE really do not need anymore. Whether is was fire support in an edition which looks like it will lack vehicles or shooty troops Tau really are unnecessary unless you know someone who just has both of those armies (someone in my club has both and is happy) but really I would expect Dark Eldar being allies to a Tau army rather than vice versa in order to add some counter assault but that's another issue. Really for Dark Eldar we need psychic powers/psychic defense....as if you do not have psychic defense the first time someone casts misfortune on your unit then gets off the luck 5 or 6 roll on hallucination on that same unit and its your death star you might just be upset...

So what way should we take our Deldar? Well even though wyche raider lists have some (little) value now. and venom spam reall will take a hit from thier pathetic 2HP's I really cannot see these lists being more valuable than a dark footdar list. Yet when building a list like this I would still stick to things I personally like or have run. when going down the HQ choices I still am a fan of the Baron. For a cheap 105 points he makes the extremely shooty hellions, which got a boost in this edition in my opinion, very effective in a footdar styled list...now I will say in general it will be hard for hellions to get cover outside of being inside of area terrain and in general cover is lower than it use to be. We would need to shrug this off in general. The +1 to go first with the baron is useful still. Other cheap HQ's like succubi and archons are ok but I would rather have the baron to boost some hellions....Other than this haemonculi are gonna be extremely useful in a foot based list

For troops I would first start with a horde of hellions. Thier 2 shot 24" assault weapons on jump packs are very useful in an edition that will probably see foot hordes played in mass. They can stay in cover and shoot things up and jump away if they need to get out of dodge to save VP's...also not a bad counter assault....Units of at least 15 warriors will also be a nice cheap option. I would stick to the cheaper shredder since these guys are more of a anti infantry unit than anti tank...so splinter cannons will be used....for 150 points not a bad selection.

When it comes to elites trueborn tend to be a big target....yet hiding a unit of three with a couple lances has worked for me in the past....they are generally overlooked...even with splinter cannons these can work but I would avoid taking them unless the points present it....Ill still include one since I had left over points.....really what we need are counter assault units like harlequins (fluffy too since we have both craftworlders and Dark Eldar). Incubi are fine but less useful now with thier power weapons.....this is why I like the rending ability of kiss' more on the harlies....now fast is a gold mine for us and reavers are decent and scourges got a huge boost. Nothing is more useful imho than haywire in this edition....happen to run into a land raider? laugh as your  haywire blasters in the scourge unit vaporize it....also beast packs are useful

Now in the heavy slot ravagers seem to be useful but I would avoid them...yet with three disintegrator cannons they can be useful if a lot of termies pop up in your meta.....fairly cheap for all that ap2 as well....I would stick to the flyers as not much can reliably kill them now....in particular the voidraven can toast vehicles and nuke small squads with its missiles...particularly its bomb and the implosion missile can take care of death stars..

Lastly in our list we take the obvious choice of Eldrad and a small unit of 3 guardian jetbikes to zoom over and take/contest objectives....now we are all left with this....maybe not the best Dark Footdar but in my opinion this can work very well...whether or not you take book eldar powers or divination/telepathy is up to you....I haven't decided on which I would take myself since eldar powers are very good in general....

Overall- 1847
Main Detachment- 1549
1. Baron Sathonyx
2. x3 Haemonculi (one in each of the warrior units and the last one in either the harlies or hellions)

1.x15 Hellions, helliarch w/ phantasm grenade launcher
2. x15 Warriors, splinter cannon, shredder
3. x15 warriors, splinter cannon, shredder
4.x10 Warriors w/ dark lance

1. Harlequin troupe x8, death jester, shadowseer, troupe master, x6 kisses, x2 fusion pistols

Fast Attack
1. x5 scourges, x2 haywire blasters

1. Voidraven bomber, x2 necrotoxin missiles, x1 implosion missile

Allies- 298
1. Eldrad

1. x3 Guardian jetbikes

All in all not a bad list....It should work and can lay down a ton of firepower down field....it is what I like in the book so it fits my style more but please add in other useful options...does lack much anti tank but has enough to deal with the limited vehicles I expect...more on this later

please comment below on what you think should go into Dark footdar and please subscribe on the side to the blog :)

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