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Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Straken Blob" Imperial Guard in 6th Edition

Hey all, Kevin here to talk about an old hat of mine, Blob guard. If you know me from before three years ago I almost exclusively played blob guard, or an equivelent, since late 3rd edition. Staken and my IG have always been one of my favorite lists yet I never really played. Now that 6th has come out they have gotten a huge boost in power rankings. Now I wouldn't say that blob guard is the top of the heap quite yet but vehicle lists are dieing and I can see blob guard starting to rise. So what is in a standard blob guard list?

Well Straken tends to always lead out the list. The man himself is pretty much a  space marine with an I3 chainfist and a shotgun/plasma pistol. He gives all the Guard units with in 12" counter attack and FC which is always useful when you have dozens of bodies in a unit like blob guard (shame it doesn't cross over to allies although) as welll as gives his own command squad fearless. astropaths as well as officers of the fleet are even more useful since reserves are much easier tog et on the table. Also masters of ordinance got a boost when attacking vehicles since the entire large blast effects all vehicles underneath it instead of half strength unless under the hole. I usually throw in a few melta guns since this guy is usually up front as he is one of the few good combat characters in the guard book.

In general the blob is usually made up of at least 30-50 bodies. I tend to like to run a 50 man horde but two 30 man hordes are quite common as well. In 6th I would give each squad in the combined platoon a plasma  gun and an autocannon, as S7 got a huge boost, having at least 3-5 (depending on blob size) special and heavy weapons in a "blob" (combined platoon). I would note that some players tend to add in platoon command squads to the blob but that is technically not allowed. I would state that I use snipers (since I have the models and they are cheap) for my platoon command squad but plasma guns would work better in this edition. For a second troop either the double blob system or a cheap veteran demolitions unit or penal legion will work. They have little role other than to camp and hide anyway.... make sure the blob has a commissar and strakens unit has a regimental standard. aLord commissar is what I usualy take but a normal one works as well. heavy weapon autocannon teams are a must as well, two ro three work.....mabye one with lascannons....missile launchers are not as useful and until the book gets updated and you can pay for the skyfire missile no one has access to it.

Marbo is a must, demo charges are even more useful in this edition and his assault range got a lot larger....

taking an aegis defense line gives your blob a 4+ save behind it which is immensely useful (fortifications grant a 3+ save so if you can manage to hold up in any of those that is more useful)l. Who wouldnt want a 50 man blob unit with 20 S7 shots (half ap2) and a 4+ save .....other than that useful allies include any terminator or assault unit as it is what the army lacks, especially since throwing power weapons in the blob got nerfed.

Heavy support is airly obvious....manticores and hydras work.....multiple hydras is very useful. I personally like leman russ' and they got a boost in this editon. I personally run a very expensive Pask Punisher with plasma cannon sponsons. Throw camo netting on this puppy and hide it behind the aegis defense line and you have an AV14 vehicle with a 3+ save since a vehicles cover save is dictated by what gives it cover such as the aegis defense line (Chester Cheeto just soiled his pants)....

Other than all fo that the blob is only what you make it. It sticks around a long time and kind tie up anything trying to assault it. It is a fairly useful list in this edition and I think its time it came back out to play....more on this later

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  1. A few things:

    Aegis Defence Lines only give 4+ cover save.

    Fateweaver's reroll doesn't work on your blob(s) since they are allies of convenience.

    Any larger unit that can circumvent the Aegis will shred your blob.

    and it's very vulnerable to fliers with blast missiles since they are high enough in the air to shoot at the squad without cover if the frontline standing up to it gets wasted.

  2. Also, Straken is a s6 monstrous creature when he punches, not s3 with a chainsword.

  3. I would recommend using more than one commissar for a blob these days - way too many things now can pick out specific targets. A Primaris (or even better allied battle brother marine librarian) could also be a good addition for one blob, more psychic defense and potential for tasty powers on the blob itself.

  4. seriously, ally with sisters and take Uriah Jakobus. +1 attack all the time and FNP for the entire blob is disgusting

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  6. Quaade. Those are all things that you listed that a blob Guard player can get around (proper spacing, cover etc). My hydras will end up wrecking the flyers before they really have effected the blob (dakkajets can hurt although in mass) but your right on the fatewaver thing I just re-read that part

    Your right Mike I miswrote that I ment I3 chainfist

  7. Sorry to disagree with your kevin but you are only partially correct with the aegis. The aegis has specific rules that trump the generic rule. Pg. 114. terrain type. Battlefield debris (defense lines). Pg. 104 defense lines- follow all the same rules for barricades and walls. Pg. 104. Barricades and walls has a 4+ cover save. The generic rule you quote is for when there is no specific rule. Specific rules always trump generic. Hope this clarifies things a bit

  8. I believe I did fix that Terra in the article

  9. Nice, however not before I commented, otherwise how did I know your wrote it? :p