Feast of Blades '13

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chaos Daemons thoughts

Hey all, recently I have been looking more and more at Chaos Daemons and how I would play them. In particular I with the new rules I am finding a favor towards the changes to screamers and flamers as well as the humble nurgling base. So lets start there

Why do I like nurglings, besides the fact that their new model is fairly cool they tend to be some of the best tar pits around purely for the fact they have eternal warrior and 3 wounds. Now their other stats are mediocre but with an invulnerable save and 3 EW wounds and changes to fearless wounds not existing you need to put 27 wounds on a full unit of these guys after they have their 5+ invulnerable save....with fateweaver around these guys will just tie things up forever. So lets say we take 27 nurgling bases to tie things up all day. From here we add in a unit of horrors to score and throw bolts around the table. I do believe swarms cannot score if I am not mistaken so the horrors could be replaced by plaguebearers hiding in the corner on an objective Yet the basic idea is to spam so many nurglings to tie my opponent up long enough to the point where he cannot be effective with certain units I will try and charge.

From here we basically need Fateweaver as well as a couple other flying daemon princes with iron hide and breath of chaos, a potent combo I expect to see a lot these days.

With Lamprey bites being the figurative "bee's knee's" we need two units of 6 these guys as well as a unit of 6 improved  flamers with a pyrocaster. So here is my list idea

1846 points total
3x9 nurgling bases
x9 horrors w/ the changeling
2x winged daemon princes w/ iron hide & breath of chaos
2x6 screamers
x6 flamers w/ pyrocaster

So basically fateweaver comes in w/ the nurgling bases and the nurglings assault turn two, preferably, and tie up a few units all game while the swooping daemon princes as well as the screamers and flamers all use their fast movement to jump and fly around the board killing off units one by one while the nurglings tie them up. I believe a list like this would work except it may lack enough dedicated scoring units outside of the scouring, purge the alien, and big guns never tire....also against flyers yet what non flyer list doesn't have issues with flyer based lists these days...more on this later.....daemon players, yes you Melon_head, please chime in and please hit subscribe as I plan on doing a give away once I reach 100 subscribers. Thanks for reading :)


  1. Seriously now, daemon armies do not tar pit. They need to put out the pain and fast. The reason most people dont do well with daemons is they do not understand them. I like 80% of this list and have incorporated alot of it already, screamers and flamers are indeed awsome now. But the lack of scoring models is troubling. I would rather see minimal squads of horrors with bolts other than all these nurglings. One squad of nurglings should be more than enough to tie up any thing that screamers and dps could not handel. Also fiends are still awsome and far better than they were last edition. Overall daemons got more exciting but they do not play like any other army out there and need to be looked at from a different direction most of the time, maybe I'll give you a free lesson in what I'm currently running next time we play....lol

  2. that means you have to show up, hopefully before the tournament this month I want to try out my new concoction

  3. Sure, I want to try out the new charriots too. Before the tournie

  4. I just went 3-0 in a FoB qualifier tournament with DoC, using FW, LOC, 3 Tz DP with Wings, Bolt, Gaze, 4x 5 Horrors, 2x 6 Screamers, and 2x 3 Flamers, beating Blood Angels (Mephiston is still a pain in the butt), Grey Knights (3 Dreds, 2 DK...one was Spawned by FW, a million min WA in Razors, Interceptors and 2 Strike Squads...Warp Quake sucks), and vanilla Marines (Bikes, assault terminators, land raider, kind of all over the place). I tabled the BA and SM, and won table quarters vs. the GK (hard to wound high-point flying MC work well in Qtrs!).

    I struggled with objective missions, with minimal troops.

    Flamers and Screamers are definitely the new hotness, and flying MC with FW are extremely resilient...however getting troops on objectives is the key to winning most games, and I struggled with 4x 5 horrors.

    I understand your points about the Swarms, but just can't see them doing anything constructive...I agree with melon, you need to be out there killing not, dieing slowly, in my opinion.

    Looking forward to hearing what you come up with and how your games go!

  5. was it duel force org where you went? I wanted to go to Showcase comics for their FOB qualifier but already had committed to helping my sister move to Philadelphia (argh so close but so far away). I have already tried daemon allies with chaos and did not have too much luck, non-preffered wave, yet as long as I can get a new job soon enough I think daemons might make it on to the plate once I get done with my Dark Angels stuff I have planned for October to probably use in either the Conflict GT or the Battle for Salvation...either that or my Storm Wardens Thunderfire cannon/sternguard pedro kantor list...or my zombie IG...or my chaos...ugh so many cool armies I now have with so little time and funds to update them!

    good show Ordo Bob any plans to continue on to the main event?

  6. Hi Kevin, no, there was no double FOC, thankfully! I'd intended to go to Showcase but things didn't work out that way, so went closer to home.

    I know what you mean about the non-preferred wave. Having all my cute little Horrors shot off the table right away is more than a little depressing, having that happen in an objective mission will be horrible.

    Thanks! And, no plans, but it's not off the table either. The wife wants to go to Denver, so if the budget allows, why not? :)

  7. I have quite a bit of family in Colorado and specifically some in Denver so I plan to go to FOB if its still around in the next few years. Good luck if you do go

  8. Its a very nice city, I love that part of Colorado personally