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Monday, August 13, 2012

The 11th Company Podcast has been Infiltrated!

Hey all just letting you know I managed to sneak my way into the 11th company podcast for this week as a guest host. It has been an evil scheme of mine forever to get on their podcast and I can now say mission success (haha) It is Episode 130 so listen in and make fun of me in the comments section below. Thanks

btw I know I named a Leman Russ tank that does not actually exsist....haha I fixed myself later...many times actually.

and the same thing goes for this show as with the blog, don't listen to me for rules discussions haha I tend to always bring up things that don't exsist in questions but they get resolved at the time. Yet again I end up fixing myself later on and figuring out what messed me up

So If you haven't ever heard of them they are the best competitive/tournament 40k podcast around so check out their website


sorry about the lacking of posts loyal readers, in the middle of moving back to RI....thanks for reading so listen to the 11th company to hear my horrid voice as well as I would like to announce I will have my own segment on the show called Segmentum Obscurus starting sometime soon. So look forward to that as I am. any comments or criticisms please leave in the comments section below as I am constantly trying to improve but please be nice :)

....more on this later.... :)

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