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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hooray for FAQ fixes: The big Changes and some Commentary

So GW has just come out with the main rulebook faq. Lets look and comment on some of the big changes needed.

Page 49
– Flying Monstrous Creatures, Grounded Tests.
Change the second sentence of the third paragraph to read “A
Grounded Flying Monstrous Creature is treated as if it is in
Glide mode with immediate effect, and can therefore be
targeted normally and charged in the following Assault phase.
Furthermore, the model automatically loses the Jink special
rule (if it had it), but can otherwise revert to Swoop mode
again in its next turn.”

So the bouncing ball rule has been eliminated and thank god for that. It was something that was needed

Q: Does a weapon that hits automatically, still hit automatically when
making a Snap Shot? (p13)
A: Yes.
Q: Can the BS1 of a Snap Shot ever be modified by special rules that
modify the BS of a model’s Shooting attack (such as Tau markerlights,
Space Marine Signums or Sergeant Telion’s Voice of Experience)? (p13)
A: No.
Q: Can psychic shooting attacks be fired as Snap Shots (assuming that
the Psyker has enough Warp Charge available and requires a roll to
hit)? (p13)
A: Yes, but only in your own Shooting phase. This means that
psychic shooting attacks cannot be made when firing
Q: How do maelstroms, novas and beams – or indeed any weapon
that doesn’t need to roll To Hit or hits automatically – interact with
Zooming Flyers and Gliding Flying Monstrous Creatures? (p13)
A: Only Snap Shots can hit Zooming Flyers and Gliding
Flying Monstrous Creatures. Therefore, any attacks that use
blast markers, templates, create a line of/area of effect or
otherwise don’t roll to hit cannot target them. This includes
weapons such as the Necron Doom Scythe’s death ray or the
Deathstrike missile of the Imperial Guard, and psychic
powers that follow the rule for
, beams

, andnovas.

  I grouped these all together for obvious reasons reason. for one the way this reads things like vibro cannons can now hit flyers yet later in the FAQ it goes on to sstate that they cannot hit flyers Also included is an obscure but very needed ruling on whether or not you can use psychic powers for overwatch as well as the boosting of ballistic skill such as a signum to increase chances of hitting flyers.
Page 410
– Reference, Profile, Codex: Grey Knights, Paladins.Change unit type to Infantry.
Since they clarified that nob bikerz were characters this makes me believe that Paladins are not characters anymore

Do Transports with the Assault Vehicle special rule permit their
passengers to charge on the turn they arrive from Reserve? (p33)
A: No.

Solves a small issue

Q: Do models that ignore difficult terrain when moving or charging
still fight at Initiative step 1 if they charge through difficult terrain?
A: Yes.

Huge since I know some players thought this was not effected to wraiths

Q: If a model has the Eternal Warrior and Feel No Pain special
rules, can it still make Feel No Pain rolls against Wounds that
inflict Instant Death (Eternal Warrior states that the model is
immune to

A common sense solution to a question that needed fixing

Q: Does a Flying Monstrous Creature that arrives via Deep Strike
count as arriving in Swoop mode? (p49)
A: Yes.

Another common sense solution, solves the chaos daemon issue

Q: Do hits by Tau markerlights, or other items of wargear that cause
hits but do not inflict damage, require a Swooping Flying Monstrous
Creature to take a Grounded test. (p49)
A: Yes.

Ok this is RAW but it is kind of wonky, how does a lazer pointer knock a monster out of the sky? A clear showing that GW can rule both RAI and RAW interpritations as correct as RAI had this the opposite

Q: If a melee weapon ignores armour saves, such as a Tyranid
bonesword or Captain Tycho’s Dead Man’s Hand, is it treated as an
unusual power weapon and therefore AP3? (p61)
A: No – it ignores armour saves completely.

A very interesting ruling! We all need to go back through our codices now as I believe Ezekial had a similar special rule. Kind of makes the unusual weapon rule kind of wierd. This one was out fo left field and makes 2+ saves a little less daunting to characters with swords.

Q: If a unit disembarks from a destroyed vehicle during the enemy
turn, can it Charge in the Assault phase of its own turn? (p80)
A: No, unless the vehicle in question was an Assault Vehicle.
rule? (p81)

There you go Neil ;)

Q: Can you deploy the Aegis Defence Line sections in two or more
groups of two or more sections apiece (this way, they will still be in
base contact with at least one other section)? (p114)
A: No – the Aegis defence line sections must be deployed in
an unbroken chain, though they can be connected end-toend
such as in the example shown on page 114.

Interesting ruling since RAW had this interprited that you can spread out your kine into different sections. I know some players will be surprised by this ruling after saying how Nova ruled it (this way) was completely wrong haha

Q: If all of my units are either Flyers or embarked upon Flyers, will I
automatically lose the game as there are none of my models on the
gaming board at the end of Turn 1? (p122)
A: Yes.

Interesting, so no all flyer lists

Q: Do units that are transported in a vehicle that MUST start in
reserve count towards the number of units that can be placed in
Reserves? For example, must I count the units in a Drop Pod or
Valkyrie towards the 50% of units I can place in Reserves? (p124)
A: No.

makes sense

Q: Does the
Puppet Master
power allow the controlling psyker to
‘pivot’ an enemy Walker in order to select a target not currently in its
fire arc? (p423)
A: Yes, but the model is assumed to return to its original
facing when it reverts back to the owning player’s control.

Makes this power a lot better

Well that covers the first BGB FAQ for 6th. a Lot of issues fixed that needed to be fixed with only a few left fielders. Any thoughts?


  1. Nobs were made not Characters too.

    The biggest change to me is the LOS! required to go to the closest model, this prevents all the LOS! wound allocation shenanigans, really neutering my Nob Biker list.

    Swooping FMC gain Skyfire...this one's huge for my Tzeentch Flying Circus.

  2. really Difficult to Read Black text on dark grey...

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  4. yeah it always gets messed up if I change text color

  5. i guess i can just select the whole page and read it on highlight.