Feast of Blades '13

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spawn: GW's Biggest unit flip of the Decade?

Hey all, Kevin here to start doing more CSM in 6th review. BTW sorry about the lack of a Segmentum Obscurus this week on the 11th Company. I am having issues scheduleing with my usual suspects and I am trying to avoid doing solo jobs with the segment. Tommorrow I plan on recording for next weej following this same topic after some play test. I will also record a segment for a future episode about Daemon Engines and their worth.....btw on the 11th company I stated spawn have 2D6 attacks and that was wrong. They have 1D6 and can make a roll on their chart and get a 2d6 and pick the highest roll number of attacks

Now I have played Chaos for about 3 solid years at this point and I found some strange success with the last one....I do like the new codex and its approach to this edition. Now back sometime in the past someone in the GW financial department found out that if they make new kits extremely good in game while nerfing the old favorate units they would make a lot more money. Well apperently they thought it can help them push out of the warehouse all of those models no one bought.

Just like back when Necrons came out and you happened to have 30 extra scarab bases your ebay worth in hobby assetts tripled over night....same thing if you happened to be one of those brave souls to pick up a tide of spawn box or just had a bunch of the ugly balls of goo-flesh lyeing around in high quantity for giggles and other things.

Spawn are the new black.....Spawn hipsters beware!

No other unit other than the pyrovore has had such a bad rap like the spawn, it literally was a joke. You only ever owned one just in case you are a daemon player and boon ever worked for you (first time in the last 4 years for me the previous weekend). If not you aere one of those 7 guys who wanted to try the spawn spam list.

Now beasts are much better. Reage gives you 2 attacks now instead of making you run around in circles. you can be T6 with the Nurgle mark. Effectively you have a unit of 3 wound T6 beasts with an average of 6 or 7 attacks each on the charge that can assault most thing turn 2 and ignore terrain.....Oh and you can have them in packs of 5......you know? I really dont mind if my cultist champion becomes a spawn.....

Phil Kelly has a dark sense of humor haha...more on this later


  1. Completely agree, and spawn are one of the hidden gems in the new codex.

    Well not that well hidden, the only thing that will stop people using loads of them are the cost to buy a full unit, and the competition from the other fast attack choices (a flyer with a str6 ap3 flamer, and super cheap bikes).


  2. 36 points each with nurgle, tough call on if they are worth it with a lack of save, some playtesting is in order for sure

  3. Yeah I played a game today with them against space wolves and won 12-4 on kp....My Typhus and 10 nurgle spawn tied up my opponent the entire game. They work like a charm. Check out next weeks 11th company for my full breakdown on them

  4. Like I told you then. They worked like a charm due to the "ahaa" they do this now! Unfamiliarity with their new rules made them better. However they are good and I wont let them get me that way again. Play with them a couple more times to get a real feel for them. They are good...but I wouldn't expect them to be that good again.