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Sunday, December 2, 2012

40Faked on Ebay? Fake models/Items on Ebay

Hey all, now I am a bargain hunter personally and am basically forced by GW to only get OOP models off ebay for a spoon full of dirt in order to play new units or armies. So I tended to have participated in ebaying quite a bit. After going to a friend of mines house the other day to play 40k he pinted out something I myself have noticed a few times over the years

Ebay has a quite a few fake models on it.

What do I mean by fake? Well my personal favorite was when I found someone selling something similar to this on ebay


except he stated it was the actual model and if you went through the fine print on the bottom with a comb it stated it was made with card stock instead of plastic

Now it wasnt the guy who invented that particular cardstock model which is pretty nifty really. But why would I pay full/near retail for a paper model?

 But this isn't even what my main gripe is. The friend in question had bought some forge world items at a discount on ebay only to find out when he got them that they were recasted in resin. aka someone made a mold, made a bunch of copies, and then sold them on ebay as the real thing.

These had much less detail than the normal forgeworld models

now I like a bargain myself but the real issue is people are selling them as if they are the real deal. People dont often buy forgeworld so I wonder how many plyers get sub-par products and never realize it. I guess its the fact they were sold as legit which is he issue.

So what are your thoughts on the fake model market?


  1. I've bought fake forgeworld Mk 3 suits off of eBay. The seller advertised them as "forgeworld" resin models. They ended up being a much darker and harder type of resin. I let it go though since they're not terrible and the guy included five boltguns and one of each heavy/special weapon without telling me. They're near impossible to convert since the resin is hard and a bit brittle if you stress it too much, but again it will do as mob filler.

  2. Yeah, I've seen a lot of "Forgeworld" for cheap rates from China that just scream knock-off. I now that Ron of FTW had a friend commission him to fix a Grey Knights Dread forgery that he'd purchased. The entire waist collar was missing and detail on the back was screwed up. Thanks to Ron's skill he managed to recover it, but what a pain. Personally I'm only buying pewter from EBay and only from reputable high rated sellers.

  3. i dont mind buying peoples old models myself but only if i can see a picture of them

  4. Yup. I got bamboozled. Wont buy from that seller again.