Feast of Blades '13

Friday, January 25, 2013

Puppets War Storm Talon Awesome Alternative

So I normally do not post much hobby stuff but I really love the alternative model stuff since GW continues to try and make me jealous by releasing shiny new toys I can never afford

Fortunately many companies release even cooler versions of the shiny toys GW puts out. Im all about Hitech Miniatures and their awesome Obliterator alternatives. Yet here's Puppets War coming out with another great model they call the "Dragonfly"


Now tell me what that looks like to you? Its a really simple alteration but the difference in the wings makes it just that much better. Only a few bucks cheaper but it has a better aesthetic, I might just have to get Guppy and the Petite Avenger a third, more shiny, brother one of these...

Check it out its really cool

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