Feast of Blades '13

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Army Thoughts: Eldar

Now last night I got to play Eldar which is a rare army to see around my area. This was actually the first eldar army I have seen in my area ever. So of course I immediatly jumped at the chance to play this guy. His name is Josh and I played him at Dragonhead distributers in Bethlehem, PA. Ironically he only lives a mile from my house yet we drove 30 minutes into Pennsylvania to play a game. Eldar is going to be my next army when thier dex comes out so it is interesting to play them. The video battle report will be posted later today.

He had a decent build at 1500 points. Farseer with jet council, 2 Fire prisms, a nightspinner, 2 wave serpants, 2 squads of DA with bladestorm, and a 6 bike jetbike squad. Decent list. His farseer had fortune and doom. DA's were in the Wave Serpants. WS's had energy fields and the other tanks had holofields. He said he tailored this list to Orks. Now I dont believe in tailoring lists because in a tournament you don't only play one army. I am an all comers guy, plus my list almost never changes and is posted online.

Anyway what do I think of Eldar.....

Well between holofields and energy fields I would always go with holofields. The way it worked out I would just always shoot my missile launchers at the energy fielded tanks and my melta and TLL at the holo fielded ones. This negated out the energy field advantage. Plus making you roll two dice makes it very hard to actually knock down those tanks.

Bladestorm is cool and all, but you shouldnt take full squads of DA's. It is a points sink. Two squads of 10 isnt necessary. 3 squads of 5 would do just fine. DA are not all that great other than a bladestorm here or there.

Jetbikes are fun to toast with plasma and flame when they are all bunched up hiding in cover....legion of the damned with relentless rule...

I left his seer council in a position of confusion with what to do with them. I did'nt give them a good target so all they did was turbo boost around. Libby's do have a sphere of influence over Eldar.

With the ammount of decent tanks eldar throw on the table with holofields and the mobility of them I basicly spent the entire game worried about them turbo boosting and contesting objectives. I only wrecked one. The way I got around this was on turn 5 I circled the wagons around an objective by surrounding one with a Land Raider and a RB effectivly making it uncontestable (See the video). Late game contesting is the trick of the trade for eldar with sieze ground beign thier game.

Between nightspinners and fire prisms? A mix is always good. If playing against Horde I would play two Spinners and one prism. anyone else I would play 2 prisms and 1 spinner. The only targets my opponent had with his spinner was my static missile launcher units, which did'nt move making it useless compared to a better prism.

Tank shocking is an elf's best friend.

More to come on this topic in the Future. I will write another similar post next weekend on either Necrons or Nids...


  1. "Now I dont believe in tailoring lists because in a tournament you don't only play one army. I am an all comers guy..."

    "If playing against Horde I would play two Spinners and one prism. anyone else I would play 2 prisms and 1 spinner."

    I am perplexed.

  2. @ Von lol yeah I guess I did contradict myself. I ment as in if you were to tailor your list or if your area played a lot of horde than mech. For instance my new gaming area plays mostly orks so I might make my list a little more anti horde and keep it like that.

    catch my drift?

  3. Energy fields and holofields are not a choice against each other. No tank has the option to pick either one. Wave Serpents come with Energy fields while the heavy support skimmers have the option for holofields. If you are playing a normal game where you want more than 3 of the skimmer tanks you will have both.

  4. Oh thanks eriochrome Im not all that familiar with Eldar. That makes sense Why my opponent mixed them together. I thought it was like a extra armor vs Daemonic possession kind of thing.

    still in comparison holos are better.