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Saturday, January 1, 2011

TempleCon's Only One Month Away!

Hey All Kevin here just to put in a little promotion for the events the Gaming club I am part of are hosting this year at TempleCon. If you do not know what TempleCon is it is a Convention for all that is we love in our hobby in located in the smallest state with the biggest personality, Rhode Island. It hosts the largest Warmachine Grand Tournament in the world (actual facts) as well as is home for everything that is Steampunk which is a main theme of the Con. It also hosts many other gaming systems such as Maulifaux, Flames of War, 40k/ fantasy, etc, etc. There is also a good roleplay, good Cosplay, D&D, card gaming scene all stuffed together with live music, a party atmosphere, and belly dancing. One of the best parts of this convention is that it never sleeps; Stuff happens 24 hours a day all weekend including our events and open gaming, so no sitting around in your room looking at an empty room, grab a beer and a buddy and go grab a table for a game. There is also a Fantasy GT being held for the first time in RI, for allt he square based bums out there J

Now TempleCon in the past has had a lackluster GDubs Scene with a trickle of pretty poor planned 40k and fantasy events with wacky rules and pale support. Anyone who has attended TempleCon and been around any of the GW gaming can testify to this. Warmachine has that convention in a vicegrip and it always will being the host of the largest Warmachine tournament in the world. This year the Dice Devil’s have taken full control of the 40k events at the Con and we are out to take this Con by the horns and Flip the GDubs scene to take it to new heights with multiple tournaments as well as Fluff/Fun gaming Mega Battles with full prize support and our own rooms dedicated to 40k and Fantasy alike.

Our Main Tournaments this year include our big event, the 1850 point singles Tournament on Saturday night of the convention (Yes we start fairly late and go late into the night for this one, it’ll be a barn burner). Another main event of ours is the New England Gaming Clubs Cup which is a mini ETC style tournament (4 person instead of 8 but basically the same rules) open to clubs and teams formed by FLGS’ all across the region. So if your club hasn’t formed a team sign up and prove you’re the best club in the region, this will be on Saturday from the morning throughout the day. We will be also hosting a doubles Charity tournament Friday to benefit the Rhode Island Food bank. Shared force org chart (And army abilities!) at 2500 points (1250 per player) Our last tournament is Friday night which is our Super Heavy’s Apocoplypse Tournament. In this event you can run a super heavy as well as IA units in an Apocolypse-rules-set singles tournament.
More of a relaxed fun gamer? There will be an apocalypse Mega Battle Sunday. Also there is open gaming all weekend if you can grab a table. Now Friday night there will be my own event I wrote the rules for which is the Order Vs. Disorder Meat grinder Event. Basically you bring 750 points of either a good or bad army and team up with all the other players of your respective side and fight over 5 objectives in the middle. Everytime your army is wiped out you respawn along your table edge (as well as deepstriking and infiltrating as well) as in spirit with the 3rd edition mission that inspired this Event. The nice thing is you can leave the table at anytime and come back a few turns later. Likewise you can show up at anytime during the event and get on the table. Both of these events will be held with a good fun spirit in mind.
Also, in addition to the tokens being sold for the RI food bank during the Doubles tournament, during my event you can purchase tokens that allow you rerolls with all benefits going towards the food bank as well. We hope to raise some money for charity and do it in a fun way for all those playing.
All in all TempleCon for will be a lot of fun this year for everyone with a nice boost to the 40k Scene. We are putting a lot of effort into making our events at this already awesome Con a huge success so we can get even more room the following year for bigger events. Our club also hopes to host a GT sometime in the next year or so based on the success of our clubs FLGS tournaments and our TempleCon events. So for somewhere between $30-$50 (based on all of the price range) you can get in and enjoy as much gaming as possible with little to no expense after that and no mandatory fees for any event all in an awesome hotel all weekend day and night with some of the nicest guys you can meet in the field. If that’s not enough to entice you then I don’t know what will. Hope to see you all there. …More on this later….
The Ocean state Dice Devils

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