Feast of Blades '13

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Now Commissioning Tournament Display Boards

Hey all Kevin here to show you my new tournament display board prototype I made for my Storm Wardens Army I hope to bring for the Conflict GT. After a lot of thinking I have decided to throw out there that I am willing to do a few more boards for commission. The board you would get would be a 23"-17" bi-leveled dispolay board that has been textured, painted, and flocked. This board can fit up to 2500 points (of course depending on your style of army) and is less than 2 pounds so it is perfect for tournaments. I can personally pick up this board with one hand with my entire army on it. It also has a good grip on the base of the models so a little leaning will not send your army tumbling on to the floor like some other smoother boards you might see being used. I will be selling the basic painted and flocked (2 color) bi-level 23
-17" display boards for only $65 and $75 (all plus shipping and handling) with some basic terrain, such as trees, shrubbery, etc.

 So Why buy a board from me when you can get boards from other comapanies? Well my boards are signifigantly cheaper with the only company selling boards for a similar price come unpainted or textured so you end up spending another $20 on paint, flock, and other features jsut to get it up to spec. This as well as any painting commission services for other boards running up into the 3 digit price range for the cheapest quality.
 I am willing to do other specifications as a Tier 3 including some buildings, trenches, advanced terrain, as well as even some blended in static models for a more cinamatic experience. These boards will be done seldomly but I am willing to commission a few. A price will need to be quoted on a case by case basis as including other model kits will cause the price to fluxuate. (Tier one being basically textured, painted and flocked while tier 2 being with small terrain features such as trees, shrubbery, etc...)
All in all you get a good quality, lightweight display board for tournament play to display your army on. I am willing to use a variety of color scheme and flock types to match your army. I am ready to either duplicate the prototype shown (tier 2 deadworld) as well as do a standard GW brown texture with standard color flock (same as GW grass mat... Tier 1 Standard).....Anything else will come as per request and eventually I hope to have a good list of the different boards I can do...Want to commission one? Leave a comment below...send me a youtube message at youtube.com/kevinmcd28 or email me at the email address shown on the right in the contact me section. I will only start commission ing boards if I get 3 requests...if not it will not be worth it unfortuantly. So contact me and set up a project...I will probably be running this for atleast the winter....more on this later...

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