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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Letter to the Greek Paper about the Anti-Wargaming article claiming us all nazi racists.

Just go check BoLS for the article from the greek paper, its all over the place....this is my response....
To whom it may concer,
Your paper recently had an article about miniture wargaming and a few quotes kind of shocked, and insulted, myself as a reader. From an english translation
"A large percentage of their population compared with their average number (5 out of the 15 interviewees) had some racist and xenophobic ideas and had been involved with the study of Nazi texts, including "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler"
"Have you noticed that a percentage of the players belong to the extreme right wing?" we asked 35 year old Takis,
a middle school teacher who claims to be "left wing". "Yes, but I don't know why. Maybe they are fascinated by the
epic, heroic or even the racist elements of 40K. Because there is a lot of racism in the game."
"...which through cutting down our freedoms and though fear can create a structure in order for that new world to function.
In 40K there is a mixture of western imperialism and eastern fundamentalism."
..."I have seen in the US the ideology of the army and the player matching to a dangerous degree. I've even seen a player
with swastikas tattooed all over his body". So many contradictions they could win a Guinness world record."
For one I do not appreciate being called a "racist" or a "nazi". This is slander against an entire genre based on some horribley bad
journalism and narrow minded oppinion. I also do not appreciate the comments about westerners being imperialistic and all of the players being
part of your "extreme right wing". All of these things are completely arrogant statements based off of little to no facts and some outragiously spun interviews
a greek tournament. The game itself is based off a science fiction tragedy with elements based off of history that show the fears of many generations and the fear of the unknown.
Now of which is any of this racist in the ways we consider racism in our current society. Besides it is still a story in a game. To make such blank statements about myself in others is extremely insulting.
Also in our society a person with swastikas tatooed all over his body would never get along in our society as he would be banned as any hatred of that nature is not tollerated.
I would hope that the editor of your estimed paper would not tolerate such articles to be published and we as a community expect the writer to be fired from her position or to retract all fo the statements made with
an equal sized article of apology to the community. Or atleast write a front page article on how the socialistic greek society does not understand with by having so many welfare and entitlement programs while not paying
large taxes themselves with an equal ammount of no funding to pay for these programs they run themselves into the ground and tend to wonder why the greek financial system is in shambles. Then equalize themselves with the likes of Lenin and Stalin,
your societys real heroes apperent. Since I highly do not expect you to post such an article about why your society drove itself into the ground and then blames everyone else when your own leftist lazyness is to blame
I do not expect you to write an article of apology so I must just say this, thanks for your time.
Community blogger

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