Feast of Blades '13

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Conflict GT Set in Stone

Hey all, just bought my ticket and got the days off so Ill be at th Conflict GT at the Palisades mall in the middle of Janurary. I will have my Storm Wardens army done by that point and I amvery excited to get back into the GT circuit after an extremely horrible performance of mine at the Colonial last April, which I may just attend again this year because MasterMoulder is a pretty awesome guy and Event Organizer...just the cost currently scares me from last years hotel bill lol and since they got a new group to run the 40k side of things since I, as well as many others, had issues with last years 40k staff makes me only see bright things for the 40k half of that awesome GT...and who knows mabye Ill play in my first fantasy event with the new probably Vampire Counts book....

So I am also excited about the Conlifct as I get to use my new army specifically built for it. I ran it in a few test games and the hybrid mech/static shooty design with the biker command squad has won me all of my test 1750 games so far. So who else is attending the GT...its so close with such early ending and late starting times I am debating actually just commuting the hour+ change there and back each day but I might get a hotel and visit my bro at West Point which is just down the road......regardless it will be a fun time for all....also I may be looking for a team to go with me...any takers?

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