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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chaos Space Marine Rumor Insight: 6th Edition

Ok Guys, Kevin here for more insight into the Chaos Space Marine rumors and how they line up with 6th edition ones.

First off So far more rumors are coming out, and they are in line with my speculation....My speculation is good I hope then. First off lets start out with Traitor Guard....recent rumors have us with them getting special abilities based on special characters...the one example we got was Typhus making them zombies.....This does go in line with my speculation that HQ choices, except I said any in general and what legion you made them from, had an army wide USR impact. Not to go off in a tangent but similar to what icons and marks do now...which makes me believe that if you pick a marked legion you must get something more special than what just taking a nuetral chaos undivided legion....Anyway to get back on with Traitor Guard ets step back a little.... If we go back to one very specific case where cultists/traitor guard were used we see a little  bit better example of their makeup....this being Dawn of War one....In Dawn of War one we could use traitor cultists and they could take an aspiring champion as a hero. I do expect this to translate over to 40k as a key way to keep the unit from breaking and inclusion of atleast one hidden power fist or weapon.....If we also look at Space Marine on the xbox we see Traitor Guard, as well as actual marines arriving from the warp.....An ability to deepstrike units like this might be included as well....especially as an alternative ability to icons of chaos since daemons are out.....well kind of since Tasteytaste dropped the rumor bomb that allies are back in the codex we do not need to fret that daemons are replaced by chaos guard in the codex....but I assume GT's as well as many tournaments will ban allies once some nasty combos are discovered....

Anyway back to Traitor Guard.....the online community must assume now that they will be a similar set up to GK henchman, but with obviously less options, and a unit cap of 30 right now as in correlation with the rumor....The thing is I am planning on doing these guys now....about 60 since I planned on repainting my guard anyway...But even though I am painting all of my guys with lasguns I have thiis awful feeling they will only have las pistols and close combat weapons like in dawn of war....but that is cultists.....so atleast I hope there is two seperate entries with cultists possibley giving off aura abilities or psychic shooting attacks like in space marine.

What heavy weapons should we expect? hmm this is probably the most interesting piece of the puzzle we do not know yet....Any blob unit of 30 guys makes a great objective camper...especially if current rumors are true by having special characters imparting USR's and abilities....meaning Nurgle will probably get +1 T or FNP....or even Alpha Legion imparting stealth....but what weapons will they have and how many per unit......I expect plasmaguns and grenade launchers but what about autocannons....would they be reaper or not? if they are reaper 3 of these in a 30 man unit would be a brutal objective camper.....or even 6 grenade launcers or plasma guns (in correlation with current rules for special weapons per models in units stereotypically)

If either special weapons or heavy weapons sets are true...and these guys are as cheap as acolytes lets do some math....4 points per traitor guard/cultist....so 120 points per blob...15 points a reaper autocannon? also a 20 point upgrade for an aspiring champ? 185 points per blob....that my friends is extremely worth it if you follow my blob guard theory.....3 of these sitting back on objectives while we take a unit of berserkers or two as counter assault and some heavy support anti tank and we have ourselves a probable army

Oh and now apperently Oblits can take more assault oriented options....for what thats worth...

All of these things make sense and we do have a probably army showing up 3 blobs of traitor guard....a couple counter assault berserker untis....mabye oblits for shooting? If not havocs(if they dont suck)? or mystery units? Some princes, saying they dont suck, or sorcerer terminator lords?

I see the possibility for some competitive options forming.....

And as for 6th? Ive seen 2 edition changes so far......unfortunatly rumors have it similar to 2nd...the edition I did not play...........but I do like 8th edition fantasy....but I dont see some rules working both ways. People dont realize premeasuring is balanced by random movement and random movement will be better for certain units (some can charge longer ranges, or add dice into the mixture to assault even farther)...I talked up rolled psychic powers (not random since you can game it if you know what you are doing) a ton and I actually like them so I will not mention them again..........random terrain? lol no tournament I have been to uses them for GT's so I expect the same for 40k.....just include them, same for allies, for some cool fun games.....I still hope for dense woods exsisting as well as infinite height hills....atleast even for GT's.....5+ only for cover.....dice pools for reserves...etc

Oh and on another note that space marine gunship will ONLY work if you can attach them to drop pods for a turn one come in and shoot all of their weapons and can shoot at two targets.....attaching 3 of these to a 6 pod army could be a good alpha strike...but then they die horribly.....

Also in other news notice all the highlighted words, a new ad system I am trying out...look if you want...if they do not work out I will get rid of them

Tiime will tell....I can smell 6th edition....

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