Feast of Blades '13

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What now to do with my Vanilla Space Mariens at the 1500 point RTT?

Ok guys and gals. So far I have played three 6th edition games and lost all of them....and to Marcus all of them! Both his nids and his necrons both got a huge boost and coping with them while trying to find a good balance in my own ranks has been tough. Effectively foot lists have been causing me to lose games as I am not use to running them with marines. I am more familiar with hybrid armies. The one thing I am sure of is my use of psychic powers between my allies choice and my normal epistolary libie. I have been using Dark Angels as allies. I wantd a Divination psycher, since it is an extremely useful psychic power set, and DA have access to that set of powers. So between a mastery level two fairly basic libie at 150 points and the three wound, WS/BS5 I5 2+ save, MC pistol and MC force sword, and he knows three powers (although only ML 1) for the cheap 170 points comparatively how could I resist Ezekial? He also gives fearless to any units with in 12" of him that are friendly.... Also the fact that the cheap 5 man squads for DA can still take special weapons at the 5 man level makes this an instant buy in my opinion. So an all together 325 point ally selection that gets me what I want as well as a pretty cool/cheap character. This is a nice combo with my Telepathy Epistolary Librarian I run as myMain detachment HQ. These two sets of psychic powers combine quite well especially if you roll misfortune for one of Ezekials powers and Hallucination for the telepathy librarian. If you cast these on the same squad and happen to roll a 5 or 6 on the hallucination chart you can sit back and laugh as your opponents nasty death star shreds itself to death and then has to reroll any passed saves...bahahaha (I actually rolled these two powers in my last game although I got denied the witch at the one critical time when I would have gotten it off). This also works well with puppet master....

For my troops right now I am using three razorback tactical squads (two normal one ally already mentioned).....and I know hwo I wrote an article about why I dislike vehicles let alone transports. Personally I do not like them but for the time being I need something familiar that I am use to running....but how long that will last I do not know.

Fast attack has myself taking two multi melta attack bikes. These got a huge boost since they cannot fall to instant death except from S10 weapons.

For elites I am still running a unit of 5 terminators, yet if they work with or without Shrike anymore I will see but at 1500 points he is too much of an investment without going all in. I am bringing back in my favorite TL lascannon dreadnought as well has heavy flamer/DCCW. Now up for debate is what to do with my sternguard. I normall run a 6 man squad in a pod with 3 combi meltas and two melta guns, as well as a deathwind launcher as well as a powerfist, or I can run them with the equivelent plasma gun loadout of three combi plasmas and 2 plasma guns. I do preach about how plasma is more useful than melta with more foot armies as well as more terminator armies. I am leaning more toward the plasma varient and am about to convert them in.

So all in all its more familiar and I think I can do something with it. More on what I would take later....

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