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Monday, July 9, 2012

Is Army Builder is the next victim of the GW Legal Banhammer? Recieves Cease and Desist Order?

So word around the club is that Lone Wolf Development, who is the creator and updater of Army builder, has gotten a cease and desist letter from Games Workshop over Army Builder. So the last 5th edition update is suppose to be the last update before 40k and fantasy is no longer updated by the software. This is suppose to be due to the fact that GW is planning on coming out with their own version of the product for the Ipad. Now issues I see with this is you need to use an Ipad and knowing GW they will sell it on an army by army basis or in general will be extremely expensive. So any word on if these rumors are true? I guess time will tell.

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  1. It was not Lone Wolf that got the desist order, it was the site that hosted the files, from Lone Wolf's forums:

    "A few days ago, we learned that www.datafilecentral.com, a hosting site for Army Builder data files, has been notified by Games Workshop that all GW-related files need to be taken down. This was completely unexpected, as the site has been operating for many years without complaint from Games Workshop (or anyone else). The AB user who manages the site informed us about this over the weekend, and he said that he has no choice but to comply with GW's demands."

    Also this from the guys that mantain and build the files:

    "GW have not taken any legal action against us. They have requested that DataFileCentral, who host many of the AB files, remove them from their server which they have done. We are working on 6th edition changes, and will continue to work on new codexes for the forseeable future. Should this position change then an announcement will be made."

    So this may sort itself out soon, I will wait for final confirmation from Lone Wolf and the 40k Data file authors before getting too worried.

    Also as per the Authors of the files, they have stated many times that updates for new books usually come out a month after the release anyway....so at the beginning of August we will see what happens.