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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Chao Picture leak thoughts on our State of the Union

So unless you are living under a 40k blogosphere rock the chaos codex was shown freely at Gamesday UK and of course some pictures got leaked fairly straightforwardly from From the Fang. Now there was rumored to be 10 pictures leaked but I only saw four and if you sprint over to 4chan now you can still see them.

Anyway sadly some rumors got debunked by this and we have an excellent look at the army list

So whats new?

WTF Daemon princes. Super expensive....not bad.....but horribly overpriced....gone the way of the carnifex and the C'tan another MC bites the GW overselling the kit dust. Its not that there bad its just that they are just not worth it. Seriously if I want to take a halfway decent prince I need to spend 250-300 points?

Not only were my coring chosen 2 wound terminators debunked it seems that scoring terminators from Abbadon is also not here.....so abbadon wing disapears and the army I wanted to play is gone....sigh....at least terminators do not seem that bad....Abby still makes chosen troops although as a bright side

So Dark Apostles, instead of being multiple models per choice seem to be single hq choices and nothing more than elites....so all the smack talk of these guys being the new big thing seems a bunch of talk....not a bad choice just not as much as hyped

So Sorcerers seem reaaly good. 60 points base and +25 per extra maery stlevel? So 110 points for a Master level 3 sorcerer? 2 of these for 220+marks unocking both the awesome Nurgle and Slaanesh lores? yes please these guys got good.

Troops seem cool. For CSM Needing to pay for chainswords seem lame but the price is so low its not an issue. Also the level of customization seems cool. paying on the model basis for low points for marks is nice as well as they can all of FNP is awesome.....cultists being up to 35 per unit now...50 for 10 isnt bad...more than previously listed although. Still not a bad thing

Typhus zombies are true

chainaxes are ap4.....khorne berserkers are cool again...

Evil techmarine hq......meh

some of the wargear is cool, and who can take the S8 ap2 flail weapon?

interestingly normal chaos marines cannot have flak missiles.... so only havocs I assume

overall seems not too shabby....my list concept got debunked but listen to last weeks 11th company to hear my thoughts on getting hyped over false rumors so why I would not care int his instance. .I still plan on doing termies with a couple blobs of cultists....seems like now a couple FNP units of marines......and double the sorcerers easily...not bad prices for two level 3 psychers for around 250 points total

Overall not a bad book...not broken but good

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