Feast of Blades '13

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are Deathwing the Shiz?

Hey all, its been awhile I know. Unfortunatly after a doubles tournament the other week I came home to find my aparment broken into with my pocket change, pillow case and laptop stolen. Somehow of the 4 people living there I was the only person to get robbed (ugh). Probably will have to liquidate an army to cover it but what can you do?

So I have been laptopless for awhile. It has also hindered me from continueing Segmentum Obscurus temporarily. But I am going to get everything started again soon. I am also looking for some more people to do Segmentum with me so if your interested just comment below.

So on to the fun things!

Deathwing! I played DA as allies on and off for some time. Im an Ezekial nut personally so I added them in for quite a bit early in the edition. Yet I am trying out some deathwing sitting in standby for awhile now. So lets look at these guys in general....

Well for one Teminators got a boost with the nerf to power weapons. If they hurt me I swing with them and have a good invul save while if they do not they cannot go through my armor. Yet with the prevailance of large infantry blobs and bolter spam abound lots of saves is a lot of chances for ones. So it can hurt. You can buff your low troop count with IG allies. Heck I even used eldar allies to spam out some guardians and it worked well. With Scouting ravenwing bikers and teleport homers deathwing assault is a good option. Even with plasma guns being taken in high quantities they are spread thin and if you play smart you can avoid getting double tapped.

I also like using some normal shooty terminators, dakka dakka is important these days

Speaking of which assault cannons are a lot more useful than CML's these days. So give them a try by sticking one in every unit. It really starts to multiply your firepower and it can give you quite a bit of shooting that can kill land raiders if needed.

Adding in a drop pod dreadnought is a nice boost if you plan on using the tactic of deathwing assault.

And for everyone complaining why you would ever use DA infantry over their normal Vanilla compatriots look up the unit. They are not any more expensive and can have a special weapon with only 5 guys.....

Playing deathwing right now is quite fun. Yet tread lightly as with the rumors ranging to 3 or 4 different versions of deathwing with the new book your army could change quite a bit.

So if everyone is scared of termies yet no one is playing them why not try them out?


  1. I would be interested in possibly doing some work for Segmentum Obscurus. My contact info is at www.turn7wargaming.com.

    That sucks about getting broken into. Is insurance not covering it?

  2. dude that sucks, hope everything gets sorted out.

    and I whole-heartedly agree on the DW. I love terminators, and I'm not worried about the change at all. I use magnets in all their arms, so if I need to change weapon load-outs I can.

  3. Sounds a bit fishy that your the only one to get robbed.

  4. yeah for some reason I decided to not get apartment insurance even though it is only about $50. thats called karma my friends